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Music welcome back to the channel ladies and gentlemen hope you're all doing well today we're gonna take a look at the quit stick this is a starter pack that has four prefilled pods but the kicker is you can also refill the pods yourself it is designed in the US by this company quit stick but it's manufactured by aspire okay the liquids that it comes prefilled with our Mountain mint wild watermelon Mango Tango sweet tobacco and then if you like their liquids you can buy them separately and refill the pods with those so inside the packaging you have your battery and that is two hundred and thirty million hours of battery they say that it will last for about 100 puffs and then you have these four pods we'll take a closer look at those in a second a user manual in micro USB charging cable and a bottle to refill the pods with so now these pods have different colors on them to dictate what flavor they are so the green is mountain mints the red is watermelon the mango tangos up here and so on sweet tobacco's right there I'm gonna taste test all of them when we go back up top and there's what your pods are gonna look like they're gonna have this little mouthpiece plug you pull out and there's the mouthpiece right there then you take that rubber base off of it and it exposes your contacts now to fill it's right there okay so if you wanted to fill this yourself you pull that back and you fill up inside there fairly large fill port actually for a little pod like this might plug that up a little too much and not allow air to escape when you're filling but you can also use the bottle that they provide that's got the smaller metal needle tip okay once you fill you just plug that guy back up so here's a look at your batteries this quit stick down there locks into place there's no like tapping functionality or anything like that basically when it's a fully charged battery it lights up solid green once the device starts getting low it starts doing a breathing read which is just a fade in/fade out type of thing and once it absolutely needs to be charged it's just a solid red micro USB charging down there feels a little bit thicker than a jewel close to the same length but a little bit wider that way if an S is gone with her jewel or I'd show you guys a side-by-side but just with comparison to other pod systems even though it's kind of a different market there it is next to the zero okay I like the mouthpiece on this one and to give you exact measurements it's 101 millimeters long about 19 millimeters wide that way and about seven and a half millimeters thick okay let's go up top

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What is the synonym of filled?
Synonyms of filled brimful, brimming, bursting, chock-full (or chockful), chockablock, crammed, crowded, fat, full, jam-packed, jammed, loaded, packed, stuffed.
What is the synonym of fill?
pack, stuff, load, lade, replenish, furnish, supply, satisfy, fulfill, sate, satiate, gorge, blow up, fill up, pump up, puff up, inflate, fuel, fill to capacity, fill to overflowing, swell, charge, cram in, ram, crowd, jam, top off*.
What is another word for fill up?
v. To put as much as possible into. pack, stuff, load, lade, replenish, furnish, supply, satisfy, fulfill, sate, satiate, gorge, blow up, fill up, pump up, puff up, inflate, fuel, fill to capacity, fill to overflowing, swell, charge, cram in, ram, crowd, jam, top off*. Antonyms empty, exhaust, drain*.
What is the synonym of write?
author, pen, scratch (out), scribble. Words Related to write. cast, compose, craft, draft, draw up, formulate, frame, prepare. recast, redraft, revise, rewrite.
What is the synonym of has?
Synonyms of have bear, birth [chiefly dialect], deliver, drop, mother, produce.
What Does filled in mean?
transitive verb. 1 : to enrich (something, such as a design) with detail. 2 : to give necessary or recently acquired information to I'll fill you in.
What does getting filled in mean?
filled in; filling in; fills in. Definition of fill in (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to enrich (something, such as a design) with detail. 2 : to give necessary or recently acquired information to I'll fill you in.
Does filled mean full?
Full or filled? Full is an adjective, and means 'containing a lot': The theatre is completely full this evening. Fill is a verb, and means 'make or become full'.
What is the difference between fill in and fill out?
So we see that fill in\u201d and fill out\u201d mean to complete a questionnaire, survey or form with the necessary information. Fill up\u201d means to make something full, generally with a liquid. As mentioned by the dictionary, it is often used to refer to a car's fuel tank. Ask them to fill in\u201d a form or fill out\u201d a form.
What is the synonym of covered?
closed, topped, overlaid, lidded, capped, roofed, hooded, wrapped, enveloped, enclosed, sheathed, veiled, bound, painted, varnished, coated, surfaced, camouflaged, sheltered, shielded, disguised, masked, secreted, protected, concealed; see also hidden 2, tight 2.
What is the synonym of including?
v. To contain. hold, admit, cover, embrace, involve, consist of, take in, entail, encompass, incorporate, constitute, accommodate, comprise, compose, be comprised of, be composed of, comprehend, embody, implicate, be made up of, number among, carry, bear; see also compose 1, comprise.
What is the synonym of hidden?
secreted, secluded, out of sight, private, covert, concealed, undercover, occult, arcane, in the dark, in a haze, in a fog, in darkness, masked, screened, veiled, cloaked, obscured, disguised, socked in, invisible, clouded, sealed, unobserved, blotted, in eclipse, impenetrable, unseen, eclipsed, unexposed, camouflaged,
What does pre filled mean?
prefill. Verb. (third-person singular simple present prefills, present participle prefilling, simple past and past participle prefilled) To fill in advance.
What is the synonym of form?
form. n. Shape. figure, appearance, plan, arrangement, design, outline, conformation, configuration, formation, structure, style, stance, construction, fashion, mode, scheme, framework, Gestalt (German), contour, profile, silhouette, skeleton, anatomy, articulation.
What is the synonym of firm?
forceful, hearty, iron, lusty, robust, solid, stout, strong, sturdy, vigorous. Words Related to firm. hard, ironclad, mighty, powerful, tough, unyielding. animated, brisk, energetic, frisky, jaunty, jazzy, lively, peppy, perky, spirited, sprightful, sprightly, springy, vital, vivacious, zippy.
What is another word for firmness?
Synonyms of firmness decidedness, decision, decisiveness, determination, determinedness, granite, purposefulness, resoluteness, resolution, resolve, stick-to-itiveness.
What is the synonym of company?
business, concern, enterprise, establishment, firm, house, interest, outfit. Words Related to company. conglomerate, corporation, multinational. association, cartel, chain, combine, syndicate, trust. agency, dealer, outlet.
What is the synonym of determined?
bent (on or upon), bound, decisive, do-or-die, firm, hell-bent (on or upon), intent, out, purposeful, resolute, resolved, set, single-minded. Words Related to determined. bitter, vehement. certain, cocksure, confident, positive, sure. earnest, serious.
What is a firm person?
firm. If you describe someone as firm, you mean they behave in a way that shows that they are not going to change their mind, or that they are the person who is in control.
What is the synonym of method?
mode, style, standard procedure, fashion, way, means, program, tenor, process, proceeding, adjustment, disposition, disposal, practice, routine, technic, technique, approach, method of attack, mode of operation, manner of working, ways and means, habit, custom, modus operandi (Latin), manner, formula, process, course,