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Okay this video shows you how to fill out the unit circle relatively easy first thing you want to start out with is zero radians and sorry zero degrees and zero radians then we go up to here we have how many degrees 30 45 and 60 all right then you know that PI over six is thirty degrees PI over four is 45 and PI over three is sixty so that was easy up here on the top we have 90 degrees PI over two now let's to go through the points these ones we use you again unit circle so the x value is 1 the Y value is 0 unit circle the x value is 0 the Y value is 1 now how do you remember these 3 points either commit them to memory or here's a little trick they're all fractions right and they're all over 2 so we can basically write this we can write divide by 2 divide by 2 divide by 2 divide by 2 divide by 2 divide by 2 all right and then what we're going to do is start up here and walk straight down and go with 1 2 3 and then come back up the right side 1 2 3 we are going to square root each of the numerators so the square root of 1 is 1 square root of 3 the square root of 2 the square root of 2 the square root of 3 and the square root of 1 is 1 so there we have it we have all the points all three points here but they're just rotated you know around here this entire circle the same 3 points sometimes they're negative and sometimes they're positive just depending on quadrant Thorian we have basically all the degrees going around and we have all the radians going around now as well the radians are easy watch PI over 6 that's 30 degrees going down to 30 degrees to PI over 6 another 33 PI over 6 another 34 PI over 6 another 35 PI over 6 so I'm just going with that one 5 PI over 6 every odd I'm going to put down there 6 PI over 6 7 PI over 6 8 PI over 6 9 PI over 6 10 PI over 6 again only the odd ones 11 PI over 6 all right then we can go around and do the PI's over 3 1 PI over 3 2 PI over 3 3 PI over 3 4 PI over 3 C I'm going 60 degrees every time I do it and it's nice it's there so you can see the 60 right now I'm gonna go another 60 that would be this length here the same as this length here 4 PI over 3 5 PI over 3 then 6 PI over 3 all right let's go around and finish it off with 45s PI over 4 to PI over

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