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How can I write script to fill form to any website?
User-9433279705333909067 already mentioned Selenium, so I will list another library I have personally used extensively in Java: HtmlUnit. Basically it is a web browser that you control with your code. You can tell it to load up a web page, and then you have access to all the underlying HTML code, so it is useful to have an understanding of HTML objects and attributes.Once you load up a webpage with a form, you can fill values in to the text boxes just like a normal user would, and then call the click() function on the submit button, just like a user would. Is the form only accessible after you log in? No problem, just load up the login page first and enter your username and password at the start of your program, and the program will log in and then be able to access the form.HtmlUnit and Selenium are very useful when it comes to automating web activities or gathering data from websites. Another useful example is making a program that will gather a list of search results into an array, and either print the URLs to a text file or do something else with them in the code. Yet another might be to refresh the page of a currency conversion calculator every minute and record the current exchange rate. A program that I made in college when I was broke would go online and fill out the customer satisfaction survey at a local fast food restaurant and get the code generated at the end so I could get a free sandwich from the restaurant. It would take almost 10 minutes to fill out the survey even if you filled the answers in as fast as you could, but the program I wrote could finish the survey in under a minute.Learning HtmlUnit is how I first started making programs that would access the internet, and I recommend it to anybody who wants to further expand their programming knowledge and skills.
What is the fill form 60/61 of SBI in ''opening of accounts and ''issue of debit card'' amount of transaction ''?
In Feild of OPENING ACCOUNT fill the type of account you wish to open SAVINGS/CURRENT ACCOUNTIn Feild of DEBIT CARD fill the type of card you wish to use VISA/MASTER CARDIn Feild of AMOUNT OF TRANSACTION fill the amount you wish to add to your account for the balance of your account ,it can be any amount  1000/2000/3000,or any other amount you wish to enter for your first balance .
What is a duly filled form?
A ‘duly filled (out) form’ is a form which has been properly and completely filled out with all the requested information.That phrase is uncommon outside of legal texts, and it means ‘properly completed’ or ‘completely filled out’. I believe ‘duly’ in that phrase is related to ‘dutifully’.
To withdraw PF, how to fill form 15G? Specifically the field numbered "23"
Greeting …I will explain PART 1 of form 15G point wise.Name : write name as per pan card.PAN : write your PAN number.Assessment year: For current year , it is assessment year 2016-17. Don’t make mistake in writing it. It is next to the current financial year. ( No matter about your year of PF withdrawal, assessment year is 2016-17 because you are submitting form for current year ( 2015-16’s estimated income)Flat/ Door/ Block no. : Current Address details .Name of premises: Current Address details.Status : Individual/ HUF/ AOP as applicability to you.Assessed in which ward circle : Details about your income tax ward you were assessed last time. You can know your income tax ward and circle from this link- know your juridictional AO. Just enter your PAN no. and you can find the details.Road : current address details.Area : current address details.AO code : write as per link provided in point 7.Town : current address.State : Current state.PIN : pin code number.Last assessed year in which assessed : Last year generally if you were assessed in last year. 2015-16EmailTelephone NO.Present ward circle : Same if no change after issue of pan card. ( as per point 7)Residential status: Resident.Name of business/ occupation : Your business or job details.Present AO code : as per point 7 if no change in ward/ circle of income tax.Juridictional chief commissioner of income tax ( if not assessed of income tax earlier) : leave it blank.Estimated total income: You are required to enter estimated total income of current year. Do sum of the total income from all sources and tick the relevant boxes.The amount should be from following sources: Interest on securities , Interest on sum other than securities ( interest on FD etc.), Interest on mutual fund units., withdrawals of NSC.Dividend on shares,Estimated total income of the current year should be entered. The income mentioned in column 22 should be included in it .PF income ( if taxable) and other income (business, salary etc.). The amount is taxable income means total income less deductions available.In this column, you are required to give details of investment you have made. For different form of investment different schedules are given.Be Peaceful !!!
Do I need to fill form 112 of CA articleship if I am persuing Bcom from IGNOU?
Form 112 is required for those who are pursuing their graduation along with articleship in order to intimate ICAI.. Form 112 is required in both case wether you are doing regular or correspondence.. So YES you are required to fill the form..
What is E filling form 16?
Each year your employer issues Form 16 certificate. This is a certificate U/S 203 of Income Tax Act, 1961 that provides all probable information on tax deducted at source from the income chargeable under 'salaries' head. It certifies that TDS has been deducted on your salary by the employer. If an employer deducts TDS on salary, he must issue income tax Form 16 as per tax rules of India. Form no. 16 is issued once in a year, on or before 31st May of the next year immediately following the financial year in which tax is deducted.There is a common misconception that one can download Form 16 using PAN number from TRACES website. In reality, you can get your Form 16 only from your employer.Form 16 is required due to its utility in Income Tax filing. Since it is complete record of income earned and taxes paid it is a single most important document that is accepted for tax filing purposes. It is also accepted as an income proof in various transactions like loan processing etc. Also Form 16 can be used to verify whether correct taxes are deposited with the government account by comparing the amounts with your Form. This is a proof that correct taxes are deducted from salary and deposited with the government.Understanding the content of Form 16 helps you file your I-T returns, you may be able to do it yourself, without help from a chartered accountant or a financial planner, especially if your income comes entirely from your salary, and you have no other source of income.Form 16 has two sections—Part APart BPart A of your Form 16 will be the TDS certificate issued by your employer. It determines the total amount paid to you during the year and amount of tax deducted and deposited by the employer in your name with the Indian Government Treasury.While all deduction related details are mentioned in Form 16, you should cross-check the amounts with your investment and other documents. Is the health insurance premium mentioned correctly? What about life insurance premium?“If there is an error in your Form 16, you will have to ask your employer to rectify it since it is the employer who has generated it for you,”Form 16 Part A contains:Name and address of the employerTAN & PAN of employerPAN of the employeeSummary of tax deducted & deposited quarterly, which is certified by the employerAssessment YearPeriod of employment with the employerForm 16 Part A must be generated and downloaded through Traces portalPart A of the Form 16 also has a unique TDS Certificate Number.All details that are there in Form 16A are available on Form 26AS. This can be used to file your return. But the same is not in case of Form 16. Details of Form 16 that are available in Form 26AS is only TDS deducted by the employer.Form 16 Part B contains:Gross salary,Exemptions claimed under section 10 of the IT Act andNet taxable salary after deducting these exemptionsDetails of house property incomeDeductions from salary under section 80 C to 80 UAmount of tax on incomeIncome tax paid and hence either taxes due or refund dueForm 16 is one of the documents that you need to keep handy before or while filing your ITR, which has to be done till 31 July.
What are great online tools to automate, recur, and integrate 'business processes' such as checklists that may include sending emails, filling forms, etc.?
I would suggest you look at the wide variety of low-code application development platforms that are available.“Low-code” is a category label for app building platforms that allow you to build your own applications using graphical interfaces and without too much code - hence the name.Most of these platforms are easy to learn and even non-coders can create complex and fully functional applications using low-code platforms.Typically these platforms allow you to:design forms (input data)create reports (organize data)automate database operations (manipulate data)These are the 3 main functions that any business application needs to do and low-code platforms make it possible to create an endless variety of applications using various combinations of these three features.Low-code platforms are gaining traction because they:Grant businesses the ability to create custom applications. With low-code platforms, even small businesses can afford to build their own processes from scratch, or tweak pre-designed templates to suit their requirements.Cut application development time. With coding an application from scratch, each component has to be coded, tested, debugged… It’s a long cycle, but low-code platforms come with the ability to put working components together in various ways and make functional applications very quickly.Cut application development cost.All you need to use a low-code platform is a platform license - and if you don’t want to spend time creating the applications yourself - a developer.Most low-code platforms are designed for develop once, deploy everywhere. Any application that is created on the platform is available across devices by default.You don’t have to maintain a server or build the physical infrastructure necessary - the platforms will take care of all that.What does a low-code platform look like?Let me elaborate with the help of Zoho Creator:This is what a form builder looks like:Here’s a simple report:Here’s an example of a dashboard made with data from various reports:What kinds of businesses can benefit from low-code platforms?Any business that has a unique work-flow or requires custom applications to manage their operations can benefit from a low-code platform.Organizations that are diverse in scale and process from a custom bike manufacturer and towing company to a film-festival have used low-code platforms to help their businesses grow and do better.What are the low-code platforms out there:Zoho Creator - Create Custom Apps For Your Business​​Fusioo: Online DatabaseLow-Code Platform for Digital Transformation | BPM Software | AppianBusiness Process Management Tool & Workflow Software | Automate WorkCreate Custom Apps with the FileMaker PlatformBusiness Applications Development & Database SolutionsThe #1 Low-Code Platform for Digital Transformation | OutSystemsNote: I work at Zoho Creator.
What is the full form of CGPA?
Full Form of CGPA : Cumulative Grade Point AverageHow to calculate percentage from the given CGPALet we suppose here CGPA = 9.6it means his/her total percentage of marks = 9.5*Total CGPATotal percentage of marks= 9.5*9.6Total percentage = 91.2%
What is KVPY and when can I fill form?
KVPY is a scholarship exam conducted by IISc Bangalore. Students studying in Class 11, 12 and 1st year of basic science undergraduate program can appear for KVPY exam 2018. Students who get selectd for KVPY Scholarship will get monthly fellowship and annual contingency grants up to Pre-PhD level. The scholarship amount will be Rs. 5000 per month and Rs. 20000 as annual contingency grant for 1st to 3rd year. During 4th and 5th year, the monthly fellowship will be Rs. 7000 and annual contingency grant will be Rs. 28000.Students who are interested in basic science courses can apply for KVPY Scholarship Exam. KVPY Application forms are online from 11 July 2018. The last date to apply for KVPY exam is 31 August 2018.