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What is the height of hypocrisy of Indian celebrities?
Show :Roadies.Synonym :Fake /Chutiya showGang leaders : Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa, Prince Marika,Raftaar (Dilin Nair),Sandeep Singh.Task master :Ranvijay Singh.Honestly speaking I didn’t know any one of them. I'm seeing them for the first time on this show only. I'm sure many of you too might not be knowing all of them. So, these "so called celebrities" are the gang leaders.Each contestant is asked to fill the form which consists of a set of questions and the gang leaders evaluate you on the basis of that.Let's talk about the hypocrisy hereAudition1:The contestant's name is Preeti Singh.So,after asking the usual stuff like her introduction,fitness regime,passion,the next question was:Ranvijay Singh:"What's the problem with you that u had to beat up all your ex boyfriends?"Raftaar:"Not one or two,but all four."Contestant(smiling proudly):"Sir,not four. Many."Ranvijay Singh :"OK. How many exes do you have till now?"Contestant:"I don't remember."Raftaar :"But you wrote four."Contestant:"That is the number of exes I have slapped."Neha:"What made you slap them?"Contestant :"I'm very close to my family. So,if anyone dares to say anything about them,I can't tolerate it."Task:They asked her to pick up a football and imagine it as her exes and asked her to slap the ball exactly the way she beat up her exes and enact the situationIrony : She was badmouthing the guy's family as she punched the ball.Gang leaders even pointed it out teasingly.Verdict : Selected.Audition 2:The contestant's name is Monu Gurzar.This guy has apparently filled up his firm with shit which I'm not discussing here since it's not relevant to the topic. After a few mints of interaction and calling him all sorts of badwords like bhos****, chu**** ,haram**** etc,Ranvijay (reading the form):"Tell a truth and a lie about yourself. You wrote that you are an alcohol addict,you have slapped a girl and you can jump from the top of the building. So, among these which one is the truth?"Contestant :"Jumping from the building is false. The other two is true."Ranvijay :"So slapping a girl and being an alcohol addict is true. Why did you slap her?"Contestant:"Sir,she was my girlfriend. I trusted her so much and first time…"Prince :"You know a woman is sitting right here (pointing to Neha) and if she wants,she can slap you so hard that next time you won't have gutts to do such a thing "Raftaar:"He wrote,the worst carrier option for a girl is film industry and he is now standing infront of such a gang leader.(looking at Neha) Doesn't he know before coming to roadies?"Ranvijay interrupts and gives a task.Task no:1The first task was to take out a total of 6coins buried deep inside the hot sand— which was kept in a pan— without spilling the sand. He somehow manages to collect all 6coins easily. The gang leaders got disappointed as his hands weren’t burned enough and he completed the task.To overcome their disappointment, Ranvijay Singh gives him another task.Task no:2The guy was asked to do push up in slanting position by keeping both legs on the chair with some heavy sandbags kept on his back and a tumbler full of cow dung was kept under his face so that when he gets tired and losses the grip,his face would touch the cowdung.Result:After crucifying this guy further more and teaching him a lesson,the guy was sent off.Verdict :Made fun of and tortured really bad in the national television.I agree he was very wrong. The things he wrote on his form like how he slapped his girlfriend or film is the worst career choice for a girl or if a girl invites you to her home it's for sex or me too movement is bakwaaz.. His way of thinking about firms was very wrong and it enraged me. But did he deserve this treatment in the national television? Who were these people to punish him? If they didn't like his answers they could have just asked him to buzz off.And the reason why he slapped his gf was because she put some false allegations against him to her father.Whatever the reason maybe,it doesnt justify his actions.But compare this reason with the reason of that girl. Who is more wrong here?Now let's come to the hypocrisy here.1)The audition title :In the girl's audition,they didn't even mention anything about her slapping 4 exes whereas compare it with that of the guy's audition detailing.2)The reaction.This was the reaction of the gang leaders when the girl was proudly telling them that she slapped 4 of her exes.This was the reaction of gangleaders when the guy said he slapped his girlfriend as she made fake allegations against him3) Respecting womanYou talk about respecting woman and then talk cuss words like bhen****, madar**** etc infront of a woman.4)The way of thinkingSo apparently,when a girl bears up a guy,it's something to laugh about whereas when the opposite happens, you can't tolerate.5) The message :A girl who can beat up 4guys and be proud about it qualifies to be in your gang. Whereas the guy who slapped his gf once doesn't.What is the message you are giving out to the world?That its OK to slap a guy and ucou an escape by playing the women card,but never slap a woman no matter how much she screws you.I mean like R-E-A-LL-Y? Is this the message you want to give to the young people out there?Wow. What a logic.This hypocrisy pisses me off.Respect and take stand for everyone who deserve to be despite gender. A mistake is a mistake despite your gender.
What is the difficulty level of NDA written exam?
NDA - National Defence AcademyDream of every youth!Entrance Exam :NDA entrance exam is conducted twice in a year by UPSC namely NDA I & NDA II.Around 5–6 lacs student appears in the exam each time. Out of them only 5k are selected for next stage i.e. SSB interview.Level & Format of Exam:Exam consists of two paper namely Paper 1 [Maths (120 ques) ] and paper 2 [General Ability (150 ques) ].Time given for each paper is 2.5 hrs.General ability consists , English (50q), Science (50q), Gk&SST (50q).Level:Maths: As mainly PCM student gives this exam so, I’ll tell the relative order of paperJee Maths Nda maths school maths.What makes Nda maths tough?Ans. As the paper consists 120 ques with 150 minutes. Allows you 75sec for a single ques with filling of omr as well.So the main problem that student face is the speed. So you would be advised to work on ur speed.Though u dont need to do all ques. Rather try to do around 80 ques only with 95% accuracy.General ability : Preparation is required for Gk&SST mainly. English is quite easy and 40/50 ques can be done with 100% accuracy. Science is also quite easy and can be done with brief knowledge of PCB.So in a nutshell, Both the papers are normal in level. Can be cracked with ease.[Edit]P.S.: I have cleared NDA II'16 and NDA I'17. Went for SSB for the first one. Got conference out! Didn't attempted SSB for the second time.All the best for future exam!Hope it helped!
How was the BITSAT 2018 May 16 slot? If you can recall, what were some of the questions that were asked (especially Chemistry)?
I just came out of the examination hall..I finished the paper in 2:30 hours. It was quite easy , I scored 397 .Some questions :Physics:What is the voltage gain of a npn transistor in Common base configuration given the resistance gain and current gain 'beta'.(first calculate alfa then apply formula of voltage gain)What are bands in semiconductor?Find out drift of a swimmer if he swims across a river?Vector condition for two particles to collide?Resistance cube : resistance between its body diagonal.Charge on capacitor in steady stateElectrostatic pressure formula.Electric flux through a plane.Rotational kinetic energy of CO2 molecule.A body rolls down without slipping on an incline plane find minimum coefficient of friction required to do so.Escape velocity on a planet whose density is 4 times that of earth but mass of planet = mass of earthSelf inductance of two ciaxial cylindersMoment of inertia of an ellipsoidal discTension in a current carrying loop placed in magnetic field B.Maximum elongation in a spring.Maximum emf induced in an A.C generator.Ratio of intensity of central maxima in ydse if waves interfere coherently and incoherently.Validity of ray opticsMaximum no. of fringes in YDSEimage tracing of a convex lens.Hall effect.Earths magnetic field was given we had to find the position of neutral point if a bar magnet is placed facing south pole in geographical south.Tangent galvanometer.Moment of inertia of an annular disc axis passing through center in the plane of disc.Transducer examples choose correct onePoiseulli formulaReynold no. Formulawill update soonChemistry:Lowering of vapour pressureWhich one shows negative deviation from raolt lawCell reaction of. Leclanche cell.Hess law questionEfficiency of a thermodynamic cycleWhat kind of dye is PHENOLPHTHALEIN?which one is growth hormone in animalsWhat is gastric inhibitory peptide homoneXenon was discovered byWhy PH5 does not existBond order of c-c bond in benzeneFacts related to nitreneGambine formulaThreonene structureLactose is composed ofAmylopectin linkagesWhat is occlusionAdsorption related facts were askedPh of resulting solution when two weak acids are mixed (ka values and concentration given)Which results in acidic solution after hydrolysisColour of copper in borax bead testWhich is used as standard in titration of KMNO4 and oxalic acidBeilstein meathod is used forWhat is vivification processesVolume of hcp unit cellNo. Of voids in hcp unit cellSulpha drugs are used to treat ..I can't recall much as of nowMaths:Min value of [(a^2 +3a+1)(b^2 + 4b +1)(c^2+5c+1)]/abcArea of plane that is intercepted by the coordinate axes ( intercept form of plane was given)If a,b,c be any three vectors then a-b, b-c,c-a are coplanar, mutually perpendicular etcMatrix multiplication2questions on bayes theoremPermutation of n alike and m different thingsarcsin(a) + arccos(b) = arctan(x) then x=?Image of a line in a planesin(3x-4x^3) = ? If x3/4Integral(2- 3) [ 1/ sqrt(x-2)(3-x)] dxReduction formula of integral ( sin(nx)/sinx)Lpp questionImage of point (x1 y1) by line y= xtan(theta)EnglishSynonym of umbrageSynonym of cynicOpposite meaning of cynosure3 questions on paragraph2 questions on parajumblesFill upsError spottingL.R2 questions on analogyPaper cuttingImage formation (reflection)Blood relationship question( these questions really suck)Series completion of type Tn= 2n^2 +nFeel free to ask any query in comments i'll edit in this answer .Edit #1 : There were 10–11 biology type questions in chemistry including 2–3 from drugs and medicine , 3 on hormones , 4–5 on nucleic acids (dna rna proteins)For those who are thinking this is fake ..firstly i want to give 2 minutes of silence for them…i discussed with my friends but not more than 10 questions were matching with theirs..So expand your knowledge …questions in even same slot can differ. Moroever i haven't even wriitten even 50% questions in this answer.
In the future, will there be a technology which allows humans to download essential knowledge that needs to be learned at school or university up to a certain point in time(say, essential topics in physics up to the year 2000) without spending about 20 years of his/her life?
There's no telling what will happen in the future! So perhaps this will become possible, like in a science fiction movie...but there's no way to say if it will happen in ten years, a hundred, a thousand, or never.It may be that learning is more like exercising a muscle that filling up a hard disk drive. It is not enough to simply possess representations of information  -- the key to knowledge is the ability to rapidly access relevant information, and act appropriately using that information. You can know a lot of "info" about a sport without being able to play it! Simply owning an encyclopedia or a smart phone does not make you smart. Similarly, the presence of a "downloaded" encyclopedia in your brain won't be of any use if you do not have the skills to decide when and where a particular piece of information can help with your goal. So even if you have the information in your brain, you will still need to get it out in a usable form! This is a complex procedure involving some of the hardest problems in neuroscience and artificial intelligence, such as 1. Pattern recognition (to correctly identify a situation, a perception, a thought or a feeling)2. Content-addressable memory (to access related and relevant information from memory without having to go serially though the entire "index" or "table of contents")3. Skilled responses (to use the accessed memories to answer questions or manipulate the body and external objects to achieve your goals)4. Creative responses (to synergize previously unrelated snippets of information into new knowledge)A really smart person, when asked a question, not only searches her memory for the exact words in the question, but also all kinds of related words, phrases and images. Google and wikipedia can really tell you a lot, but people with the ability to search intelligently have an advantage -- they can rephrase and use synonyms and related info. It's as if they have "tagged" their memories well.And a truly wise person not only spews info, she also acts appropriately -- with intelligence, compassion and humor --  in context- and culture- sensitive ways.
How did you prepare for the IMU-CET? Which are the books I should use?
Every student goes through this problem of finding a right book for IMU CET preparation. Right after filling up the form and untill the day of exam you will keep finding only if you keep searching on internet, there is not even a single book available on the internet and i really mean it, not even a single book on internet, some consultantancy services provide you with a collection of previous year question papers of NDA, that’s it.So how to prepare for IMU CET?best answer is that you pick up a good english book that includes topics verbs, noun,pronoun,synonyms antonyms and for physics and chemistry study NCERT with some reference book. you actually don't need to buy any seprate book for this exam just study the books you had while preparing for class 12 boards that would be more than sufficient.
What was it like to grow up in India in the 1990s?
How could one describe the beauty of growing up in the 90s in words. Here is a list of my cherished moments from an unforgettable era.1) 10 o'clock was very late in the night.2) The tape recorder was one of the greatest inventions for you as a kid.3) You would go to your neighbor's house to watch tv and not to forget you would use their phone for both incoming and outgoing.4) You would collect the stamps of all the letters that usually your NRI cousins wrote.5) Cool drinks and ice creams were occasional.6) Summer holidays meant visiting relatives. Either you visited them or they visited you.7) You were really cool if you could talk in English.8) You loved Tin-Tin.9) Money was hard to come by.10) Owning a cycle was a dream for you as a kid.11) You loved playing games in the real world. Never had to worry about home work much.12) Your teachers really taught you.13) You would watch following cartoons on Star Plus after school. Duck Tales, Talespin, Chip and Dale, Goof Troop, Gummi Bears, The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse and friends, Small wonder, aladdin and on saturdays and sundays usually it was Spiderman. All of that in hindi.14) You never really bothered about time much.15) You really respected and feared your elders.16) You loved playing those 16 bit video games.17) You loved flying kites.18) Sundays usually meant having a hair cut and washing your hair with "Clinic Plus" Shampoo. Then watching rangoli, Mowgli back to back on Doordarshan.19) Your granny would put you to sleep by telling you stories that really had a moral in them.20) Knowledge was always with the old and wise you would learn a lot from them each time they told you something.21) You rarely heard the word "tension."22) This was one of your proud possessions23) You loved your pencil box.24) You probably sipped a cool drink with a straw more than once.25) If somebody had a mobile phone with them you know they were really rich.26) You have fond memories of Doordarshan news and Doordarshan.27) You have had an endless struggle to maintain an ink pen correctly but you loved it.28) The only way to book a railway ticket was by standing in queue.29) You loved watching this show in hindi on Nickelodeon. The legends of the hidden temple.30) We all saw a little bit of ourselves in Dennis.31) And at the dawn of the new millennium the biggest superstar of Indian cinema hosted a T.V show which would go on to win the TRPs and hearts of innumerable Indians across the world and yea the roads were empty once it was 9 pm.32) You also wanted to represent your school in the Bournvita quiz contest.33) Owning a Maruti 800 was a luxury and a dream for the upper middle class.34) You know the value of 25 paise and what you could once buy with it like aamkut.35) You sometimes substituted your urge for a cola with this:36) Hamara Bajaj. The ride for the middle class then.37) This show was very funny and you loved it.38) Just recollect how may times have you watched this song on tv and tried to dance like him.39) The iPod of the 90s40) The moment you realized magic is all about the coat. You probably watched this song many times on TV.41) You really know what a joint family means.42) This was the only meaning of a tablet back then.43) You know that there was something called as a black and white tv once.44) You definitely operated a tv which didn't have a remote.45) Siblings spoke to each other when they were in the house not with their respective boy friend or girl friend or for that matter even friends.46) Pictures were memories and were in a private album not in a public space. Each picture then would tell a story of its own.47) You waited for a particular time everyday to watch your favorite song on music channels. Some times you got lucky and didn't have to wait.48) How about playing a video game for 5 minutes with 1 rupee?49) How about some radium in your pencil box? A wrist watch with a radium dial?50) A wristwatch was cool if it had light in it and of course showing it off your friends in the dark made it even cooler.51) This was the baap of all dance shows then and the hosts made you laugh like hell.52) For many of us this was one of the best animated movies ever growing up.53) All of us love this Idgah (story) story from Premchand from the bottom of our hearts.54) How about some Rasna?55) You have listened to plays or dramas on radio at least once.56) How about watching a movie with your whole family including your granny in the theater carrying your own bottle of water? Was only possible back then.57) How about searching for your hall ticket number in a newspaper anxiously? If you haven't experienced this you have at least heard stories about this.58) Most of your general knowledge was either gathered by reading a book for general knowledge or English newspapers.59) Time for "Pepsi" everyone60) Most of us first interacted with a computer in our school's computer lab.61) How about a family dinner where all the members of the family ate at the same time at the dining table talking to each other instead of looking at their mobile phones despite repeatedly saying that one shouldn't talk while eating?62) How about watching Mahabharat on DD nationalwith the whole family on a sunday morning from 9:00 am – 10:00 am? You can't get its title track out of your head.63) We loved our sunday mornings. That was the day when people switched off everything else and got glued to their tv sets. The channels would put their best content up on this day. We miss it a lot now. The whole culture of sunday mornings has disappeared somewhere in the fog of modern television.64) You can't stop your lips from singing these tracks every time you see or hear them65) You usually met a lot of strangers while travelling and actually had a conversation with them without being lost in your smartphone or laptop or whatever.66) Border was one of your favorite movies then and you love this song.67) You have heard about the "Kargil" war but you were too young to understand what was really happening. But at the end of it you were very proud that India won the war.68) This song redefined patriotic songs and patriotism for an entire generation and we were among the first ones to hear it. It is so awesome that even today there is no republic day or independence day without it. Pure A.R. Rahman magic.69) This is most likely the first ball pen you ever wrote with.70) This was a movie for the families, of the families and by the families. You may have watched this movie with your family.71) The whole nation got obsessed with this Hollywood movie like no other back then.72) This movie was a cult and you might have had to watch it, courtesy your cousins or sisters or bothers.73) This song was a rage and the whole nation fell in love with it. Yea "Made in India."74) You know that there's clothing brand for men called "Kumar's".75) All the jobs except the watchman's were mostly from 9 to 5. People on these jobs were people not resources.76) How about getting your favorite song recorded on a cassette?77) This daily soap was hard to ignore given the sheer popularity of this show amongst the women in every house and yeah it had a very catchy title track too. At 10 right after KBC all the women in the house gathered to watch this:78) Almost every house had a beautiful guest which would come uninvited. Today its difficult to even spot them. "The Sparrow"79) The girls loved their iconic BSA Lady bird. Evenings meant cycling for a lot of kids back then and girls enjoyed their ride on the ladybird. Though the cycle has undergone a lot of transformation it is still edged in our hearts.80) How about our very own superhero tv series? Sounds too far fetched huh? But this guy was there on tv sets every sunday at 12:00 pm. Yeah on popular demand. The one and only shaktimaan.P.S. All those who have already read the answer please read the point 53 I simply love it and of course keep the comments coming in lets celebrate and relive the awesomeness of a memorable era gone by.I have added a few more points, some of them courtesy the wonderful comments. Will keep adding more. :)
How should I prepare for GRE, and What are some topics that no one should miss while preparing for GRE?
Thanks for the A2A!It really depends on what score you’re targeting and where you currently stand in terms of prepared-ness. I would suggest taking a diagnostic test first, for this reason.Gathering where your strengths and weaknesses lie will enable you to plan more efficiently.Here is a link to a free online diagnostic test.Once you’re done with that and have a better idea of what needs working on, you can start to plan your prep.Assuming you have a math background, the Quant section should be easier for you to tackle. That does not mean you do not have to practice or that you can slack off- it simply means you should be able to devote more time to your Verbal prep.Set aside a certain amount of time a day to practice and reintroduce yourself to the Quant concepts you already know. Of course, if there are topics you struggle with, you’ll want to do a deep dive and re-learn these concepts.Take practice tests for every new topic you cover- this is key. For free GRE practice questions with explanations, there’s a great free, GRE app available. The Ultimate GRE prep app. Use this to get started.Data Interpretation type questions are of highest priority.For verbal, the first thing you need to do is read. Learn the meanings of words. If reading isn’t something you’re comfortable with, start with learning words.There are apps you can use for this, the one I usually recommend is the Ultimate Vocabulary Prep app. Its fun and efficient. Set aside goals for the number of words you should learn in a day, it helps to stay on track.Once you’ve understood the meaning of the word, make sure to familiarize yourself with the word. Use the word in sentences, get a feel for how the word fits into different contexts. Remember, the GRE is not a test of how many words you know. Its a test of your analytical ability so you need to know how the words you’re learning fit into different contexts.Read articles from the Atlantic, The New York Times, the Hindu- the more varied the subject of the articles, the better.All questions carry equal value. The most important thing to keep in mind when preparing for the GRE is that you track your progress. Note where you’re making mistakes and work on those areas. Time your performance, you’ll find that time management is an essential skill to have when it comes to the GRE.The three main things I would say needed to prep for the GRE are:quality study materialconstant tracking of your progresstest-taking skills i.e. time-management skillsFor more advice and help, I recommend checking out the Galvanize Test Prep website.I hope this helps!Good luck!