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How To fill out a pdf form on mac

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Hey friends its mr. G and I just wanted to talk to you about PDF files because I don't know about you but they confuse me and it's it's not been an easy path so let's look recently our district has started sharing some PDF files that have forms that can be filled out but you have to go about that process in just the right way or it does not work so if recently you've had problems with grant applications or teacher that your things or things like that this is why and this is the solution okay so let me start by showing you this because this is what happens most often i'm on miss grant grant news and down here is the michelin golden apple peter grant helping a teacher with this grant is what led me to kind of try to figure all this out but when i click on that it automatically go when i clicked it automatically starts to download and it comes down here in crime and you notice I'm in crime right now and when I click on this it opens in crime oh this is a problem you don't want this to open in chrome because here's what happens although you can put information in the in the form boxes it doesn't save this is an ok solution if all you have to do is print the form and and somebody a hard copy and you don't need to keep it for your records but if you notice there's no save button here okay so if you complete this form and then you have to save it and email it to somebody it's not going to work because when you download it it's going to be blank alright so I would just you know personally I would not open pdfs in chrome that have to be completed if you just need to read it that's fine it doesn't matter but if you have to complete something if you have to add some data to it some text to it pictures whatever i would not do it in crime so let's look at the next option so we come back and we download again so the next option is it download so rather than click to open it i'm going to drag it out to the desktop and pdfs by default bolts PDF and pictures by default open with an app called preview on your computer on your Mac computer okay so this looks like it's going to be a good solution so when I just click it off my desktop or out of my downloads folder okay it opens up and you notice it opens in preview and yes i can type i can even say file save ok and close it and open it back up and it's still there but here's the problem these boxes that have to have you know it contained some content normally we'd like.

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