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How To kindly fill up the attached form and send it back

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What Does filled up mean?
Verb. 1. fill up - make full, also in a metaphorical sense; "fill a container"; "fill the child with pride"
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fill (something) up. 14 phrasal verb with fill verb us 0b fu026al B1 to become full, or to make something become full: The restaurant soon filled up with people.
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"To fill someone up" can also mean to make someone feel a complete person, fulfilled, without necessarily a sexual connotation. I would say this is normally only used if there is some sort of helping noun following the expression to avoid the sexual connotation that is inherent in it. He fills me (up) with joy.
What is the difference between full and filled?
Full is an adjective, and means 'containing a lot': The theatre is completely full this evening. Fill is a verb, and means 'make or become full'.
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The phrase fill someone in means to tell someone about something that he or she was unaware of. 1 Fill You In Meaning.
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