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Music welcome back today I have two things that I want to share with you two very important things first of all is my website finally after sleepless nights you see these bags that I have currently underneath my eyes yeah okay that's from having to create my website I've never ever in my life done a website before so I've literally built this website it is still a work in progress so those of you that website designers whatever don't shut me down okay because I'm trying I'm really trying here okay so if you go onto the website it will show you lots of information there'll be lots of how to's there'll be a little bit of constructing liberal homeschooling basically the kind of stuff that you guys aren't some questions about I basically put it on to our website so we can all kind of share so maybe somebody has something to share that I don't know about you can put it in the comment section or if there's something you want to ask me you can also put it in the comment section so there'll be places to visit as well I've got accommodation and jobs on there which is not developed yet but I have a view to doing that in the next couple of months or so and to kind of get that going but please do go on there and have a look the website address is I also write it on here somewhere on the video and I'll try and put a clickable link if this allows me to yeah so please do go and have a look at it there's also a shop on there and I will tell you I do have affiliate links on my website obviously a girl's gotta eat as well so please we'll have to make a livin somehow there is um a shop on there so please do go have a look click click click buy buy buy buy buy Music I'm spirit all of you guys so I'm gonna I'm being real I don't like to hide stuff so I'm very honest and so yeah there are affiliate links on there there is an Amazon shop that I would love you guys to go take a look at you can purchase stuff through there even if you don't purchase what is on the website if you purchase anything else it will also help me out sharing is caring what else is it the second thing I want to talk to you about is you know guys know that some time ago I spoke about a business I'd started and it was called V in not it was called it is called views from Africa views from Africa is definitely very much still alive it was originally a chat show and it still is which I have already shot that it's all been filmed and edited we're currently speaking to a couple of

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I corrected a mistake in my form and replaced it with the right information. It took a few minutes only! Thanks a lot!
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It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
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I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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