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Hello and welcome in today's video I'm talking about the definitions for three different phrasal verbs fill in fill out and fill up the first definition of fill in means to add information in the blank spaces of a document for example fill in your name and address in the spaces provided in this exercise fill in the blanks with the correct word from the list the second definition for fill in is always used with a person fill someone in it means to share the details of something with another person or to explain something to another person we need to leave now there's no time to explain so I'll fill you in on the way my father filled me in about the plans for my brother's surprise party the third definition for fill in is not just fill in but fill in for and then it's always followed by a person fill in for someone this means to do someone's job for them while they are away the receptionist is on vacation so I'm filling in for her this week he's sick today so I need you to fill in for him at the meeting we hired you to fill in for our secretary while she's on maternity leave there are two main definitions for the phrasal verb fill out the first is complete a form make sure you completely fill out the job application before you come in for your interview he filled out the contract quickly and signed his name at the bottom the second is to gain weight matthew has really filled out hasn't he although the puppies were born too small they began to fill out once they received proper nutrition now they look healthy and normal there is basically one main definition for the phrasal verb fill up it means to become completely full potatoes will fill you up without overloading you with calories you need to fill up your car's tank with gas by seven o'clock the restaurant was beginning to fill up with customers so there you go the definitions for the phrasal verbs fill in fill out and fill up if you want to practice these phrasal verbs with me leave a sentence down below in the comments and I will correct it for you you can also check out the website you galosh which has a lot of examples of these phrasal verbs used in real-life contexts be sure to take a look at my website for more information about Who I am or if you want to sign up for private lessons with me you can do that by going to mrs. P ESL tutor comm or by clicking up here on this link subscribe to my youtube channel over here and check out a few of my other videos by clicking down here have a wonderful rest of your day and I will see you next time

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Why does it ask for bank details while investing in mutual funds? Is it safe to fill in the details there?
Bank details are very much required for Mutual Fund transactions. One can even have more than 1 Bank account registered with a Mutual Fund and set one as the primary account.For SIP registration investor needs to furnish bank accounts details for ECS also registered Bank account will get credited when MF units are redeemed or when Dividend Payouts are announced.MFs are very well regulated by SEBI,so not to worry, furnishing bank details are completely safe, though adequate precaution regarding any unregistered agents needs to be taken but if you are doing online then nothing to worry.Happy investing.
What is the procedure to change the address in my driver's license?
First, you need to obtain NOC/CC from the RTO which issued your Driving License. Then visit nearest RTO and apply for change of address.Get the below documents ready before you visit the RTO:1. NOC/CC2. Form No-7 (called as computer form)3. Change of address form4. Post cover (As your DL will be dispatched through postal services)5. One passport size photograph6. Current address proofOnce these things are ready, visit the RTO and go to DL section. The superintendent will check everything and write the amount payable on your file (Smart Card fee- Rs. 200/- + Change of address fee - Rs. 20/-). Pay the fee and collect the receipt at the fees counter. Then the superintend will approve for bio-metric photo. After this, submit your file in the same section and obtain acknowledgement.You will receive your DL in 30 days through Indian postal services.Edit: NOC is required if you apply for change of address in different state. Its not required if you are in the same state.
There is a typo in my CAT application for my graduation percentage by 1%, and I received IIM calls. How do I fill in the details for IIM with the difference in percentage?
Immediately mail the Admissions Coordinators of the IIMs from wherever you have recieved calls . In case you still qualify for calls according to recalculated composite scores , the institutes may consider your case . Personally I think there is a very slim chance for the same as future managers are not expected to commit such gross errors.This can turn into a serious case of fraud , in case you do not intimate them , & you may be barred from any future admission process for IIMs .
How do I change name on birth certificate in india?
Birth certificate is issued by Government. It is the first certificate issued to anybody by Government which acts as address proof and which is used to gain any certificate in future even to get admission in school. This certificate has to be applied within 21 days of child is born. It is important that one has to register their child’s birth. Hospital administrations gives a receipt through which parent can apply for birth certificate in concerned municipal office or Mandal office. Within a short span of time of about 15 to 20 days, birth certificate is issued.But to change name or make corrections in Birth certificate is quite complex process. It can be done either through offline or online.Through offline there are 2 ways 1) Affidavit 2) Newspaper publicationThrough online you can apply through meesevaHow to Change name in Birth certificate through AffidavitGo to a municipal office nearer to you. Take the application form regarding the name change.Go to local notary and make an affidavit. Specify the strong reason for change of name. This affidavit is used for changing first or last name or complete name. After the affidavit is prepared, submit it at municipal Office along with old birth certificate, Address proof, remaining proofs as well. Within 15 to 20 days, you will get your new birth certificateHow to Change name in Birth certificate through Newspaper publicationSri……………………..(Old name) have changed my name from ……………(Old name) to ……………. (new name) by affidavit sworn before the Notary Public, …………(place) on …………..(date). Henceforth, I shall be known as ………….(new name) for all purposes………….(Name) and ………………….(complete postal address).Full SignatureThis is the proforma of newspaper application. Candidate should fill in all details properly and publish in local newspaper. It is applicable for all ages of people specially for majors. preserve the scanned and hard copies well for future verification (if in case)How to Change name in Birth certificate through onlineGo to nearest meeseva centreDownload the application from official website on the tab “meeseva services forms”, which is left side of official page on tab “GHMC”Here you will get a drop down list of about 7 choicesClick on the option “ birth death corrections” in all the details and submit it to Meeseva along with required documentsNow Meeseva sends application to Municipal CommissionerYou will be alerted with sms whether, your application is accepted or rejectedBelow are the chargesServices charges of about Rs.25,Statutory charges of about Rs.60additional charges for extra copy of Rs.25Affidavit on stamp paper has to submitted of Rs.10Documents to submitOriginal birth certificateIdentity proof such as voter id, ration cardDeclaration by parentsAttestation by 2 gazetted officersAnd also letter from hospital where child is bornProcessing time is about 10 to 15 days taken for verification and issuing of new birth certificate
Can I change my Aadhaar card address online from one state to another?
How to change details on AADHAR Portal online?You can always delink AADHAR from your one bank account and link it to the another. For this, first of all visit your home branch and give a written application for delinking your UID from your Bank Account number. Also, if you are closing your one Bank Account and if AADHAR is linked to that, in that case, it automatically gets delinked. Because, without delinking it, bank account cannot be closed. And, hence, you can link it to another Bank Account of yours.AADHAR- AN UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER:AADHAR is a 12-digit UNIQUE IDENTITY (UID) number for each resident of India. It’s a random number which never starts with a 0 or 1. Interestingly, it is considered as the world’s largest national identification number project.AADHAR SELF SERVICE UPDATE PORTAL:Unique Identification Authority of India has introduced a Self Service Portal for updating details like address, mobile number, etc on your AADHAR. It takes 3-5 working days for the updating your details on the portal. You just need to go on AADHAR Self Service Portal, change your details and upload the copies of documents supporting the changes. Let me guide you step by step:Go to AADHAR Self Service PortalEnter your 12-digit AADHAR number.Enter the Text Verification and click on Send OTP tab.You will receive an OTP on the mobile number which you have got registered with AADHAR.Enter the OTP and proceed to the next step.Select the field in which you want to make changes like address change or mobile number change, etc.Now, fill in all the required fields in English and it will update all your details in local language as well.Then, on the next window, upload the copy documentary proof supporting your changes. You will find list of all the valid documents which you can upload as proof on the site itself.Once, portal accepts all your uploads, click on submit.Finally, you will receive an acknowledgement for the change request.In next 3-5 working days, your changes will be updated on AADHAR. And, for every step you will get intimation via SMS and Email.BENEFITS OF UID:It becomes easy for government to route welfare payments and subsidies directly into beneficiary’s bank account. For this, your UID number and your bank account must be linked with each other. These welfare payments could be your LPG Subsidy or any other subsidy which Government has started for that matter.Recommended Read : How AADHAR-Linked Rail Reservations for Senior Citizens would work?So, Now you know, how to delink or link UID from your bank account. Also, how to make any changes in your details on AADHAR Portal.HOW TO UPDATE AADHAR OFFLINE:This is for those, who don’t remember their mobile number and need to make some changes in their AADHAR. So, follow the steps if you do not remember your mobile number and update your AADHAR details:Go to the official website of UIDAIAnd download the “Update Request Form” or download it from below:Fill in the formAttach all the valid documents in support of the changes you want to make.Once, you complete all the required formalities, finally, send the form and the copies of documents to any of the below mentioned addresses:UIDAI, POST BOX NO. 10, CHHINDWARA, MADHYA PRADESH – 480001, INDIAORUIDAI, POST BOX NO. 99, BANJARA HILLS, HYDERABAD – 500034, INDIARecommended Read : How to Apply ADHAR Online?Also Read : How to get e-AADHAR?How to Update or change Aadhar Card Details OnlineFeel free to comment below for any add on or queries.
After recruitment process of Byju's, they provided a portal to fill in the details, what does that mean?
Don’t worry its not that important. HR will fill all your details once you join.
What details should I fill in the field of agency details in Infosys’ launchpad?
Ya if you can provide screenshot it would have be easy to help you. Don't worry during your induction you HR will give you the form to fill the same again. BUT still if you want to fill before you leave then you will provided with Infosys launchpad helpdesk number. You can call them and clear all your doubt. Even i had many doubt when I was filling the launchpad form that time i also called up and cleared all my doubt and issue i faced
When paying by card online and filling in the details, is there any benefit to filling in the "Valid From" field, even if it's not required?
Absolutely none. When filling in details for making a payment validity is the only criterion of interest. The valid from may be of interest for someone new extending you credit or setting up a new credit account for you. Just indicates your relationship with the card issuing undertaking.