Where Can I Get The Weather Record For The High Temperature For?

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Where can I get the weather record for the high temperature for Lewisburg, WV on July 22, 1932?

The weather in Rexburg has very often been likened to that of our sister state, Hawaii, usually fluctuating between 69 and 78 degrees year-round with cool breezes wafting down off the Menan Buttes. The air has a healthy level of humidity and almost miraculously imbues a baby-soft quality upon residents’ skin. This is, of course, just the dream I have for Rexburg weather. The dream only comes true on a select few days during the year which I will mention here. In the winter, the temperature fluctuates between absolute zero and zero degrees centigrade and the wind speed is generally somewhere between that of an indoor skydiving tunnel and a minor tropical typhoon. But what really makes Rexburg special is the precipitation we enjoy. The first snows are generally mild and occur in late October or early November. T will be just sufficient to melt in the afternoon and freeze at night. This covers the streets in a slick black sheet of ice, and you’ll frequently see residents enjoying themselves, driving their cars sideways on bridges and at traffic stops. Out of this beloved pastime, the town has begotten a tidy handful of successful body shops. As the winter progresses, the light flurries will turn to heavy snows which will remain on the streets till spring. Our magnanimous city council doesn’t want to deprive its citizens of the aforementioned joys of car-sledding and the cherished game, “Whose Lane is it Anyway?” Lucky for us, we generally get a break from the snowfall in January and February when it is too cold for the snow to form in the atmosphere. In March, if Rexburg’s citizens have been good, the weather will start to warm and the snow will even start to melt. In April, most of the snow will be gone, but it will occasionally return. For most of this month, you will need to have your car heater on full blast in the morning when you head to work or school, and crank up your A/C when you drive home. Everyone says t love Spring in Rexburg and I honestly couldn’t agree more. It is one of the best, if not the best week of the year. On these days, I wouldn’t trade Rexburg weather for Hawaii, unless the airfare was free and then I would trade it in a heartbeat. Spring is followed by 2 or three months of summer which is also pretty good. There are hot days to be sure, but nothing you wouldn’t see in other parts of the country. It will generally stay under 90 degrees and the local university will even let students wear short-sleeved shirts to enjoy the balmy weather. Some day in September, after or during one of these 70–80 degree days, a cold rainstorm will come in and the temperature will drop by around 40 degrees, never to recover until Spring. I suppose that’s why t call it Fall, everyone’s least favorite day of the year. And there you have it. That, more or less, is what the weather is like in Rexburg. But there are plenty of reasons to live in Rexburg, besides the weather. Come see for yourself!

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