What Is the Cops Eating Donuts of Your Profession?

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What is the "cops eating donuts" of your profession?

The notion that nurses become nurses either because t’re not smart enough to be doctors, or because t want to catch a rich doctor. There’s also the “Nurse Ratched” trope, which gets awfully tiresome. It’s mostly intoxicated patients who call us Nurse Ratched, and it’s usually because we tell them to do things t don’t want to do. (For example, to stay in their bed, to refrain from ripping out their IV, to stop threatening staff or shouting obscenities, and to urinate into the container rather than on the floor.) Then there’s the “just a nurse” stereotype, the assumption that nurses don’t really know what t’re doing—-that t’re just glorified waitstaff, there to obey orders from doctors, patients and family members. Mercifully, I’m old enough that I no longer have to worry about stereotype #4, the assumption that cute young nurses are all oversexed, and welcome the attentions of (again, usually intoxicated) male patients.

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I’ve done three years of nursing, mostly as a resident/medical student, and I see it a lot. I have come to the conclusion that this trope is not accurate for the vast majority of nurses. Let me put it another way. A friend and I were talking one day about what's wrong with nursing. I told her, and she gave a long, thoughtful answer. We both agree: The reason I feel nurses are often portrayed this way is that they are perceived as young, beautiful young women. I'm a tall girl, and I think of nurses like that, whether they are being portrayed this way intentionally or not. I could be stereotyped the way a person stereotyped in this stereotype could be stereotyped. The reason I see so much inaccurate nursing stereotyping is that the majority of nurses are actually young, beautiful, intelligent and competent. They are not old, dumb, stupid, attractive or.

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