What Are the Best Productivity Hacks of Startup Ceos?

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What are the best productivity hacks of startup CEOs?

For me, the single biggest productivity hack has been DO NOT REMEMBER WHAT NEEDS TO BE FOLLOWED UPON Do not try and remember that you have to follow up on something you had told someone to do for you Do not try and remember birthdays and anniversaries When to pay your bills or renew your insurance When to read about “how to implement OKRs” - which you know is atleast 6 months away DO NOT WASTE YOUR BRAIN ENERGY IN TRYING TO REMEMBER STUFF Thats the worst use of your brain and instantly limits your ability to spend it on something more useful or valuable. I use simply 2 tools to help me accomplish this Boomerang Allows you to send emails to anyone at a pre-decided future time I compose emails to my team on Sunday, when I am fresh in my mind, but schedule them for Monday 9am I send myself emails - “read this OKR implementation guide” and ask the email to be sent 6 months from now, when we have to implement it Someone tells me “its not fun to work anymore” - I get somethings fixed and set an email for a month later “have things improved?” Sends you back an email that you sent, to your inbox, if there isnt any response (or regardless) “ Jeff - please send me this report by 4pm” - send it to Jeff - boomerang it to come back at 4.15pm if he doesnt reply, or at 4.15pm even if he does (because you will only see it then) “Welcome to nearbuy - hope you have a good time working with us. I will check on you after a month on how you are doing” and set it to come back to your inbox after a month Sends back a received email again, at a later time Email from board member - its important but not urgent. I like my inbox cleared (because its my todo list) - boomerang it to come back to my inbox after 4 hours “Can you please come over to speak to our students, this 17th” - non-work email and should be replied to later - boomerang for 830pm 2. Google Calendar For everything! EVERYTHING! Meetings Tasks Birthdays Bill Reminders Personal events Dinners EVERYTHING Here is a snapshot of my next week (taken on Friday) Note that I have bill reminders, personal events (birthday parties), personal dev time (TED videos) - all listed. So that I dont have to remember any of them Bonus Tip. My wife has 100% access to my calendar, and she gets to put anything on it provided I am available then. This has ensured that I do not have to manage my social life and its mostly ooutsourced .) I have been using these 2 tools together for 4 years now (Calendar for 7 years now) and the simple hack of not trying to remember stuff has been the single biggest favor I have done to myself.

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