Is there a Small Claims Court PDF for California That Can Be Filled?

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Is there a small claims court PDF for California that can be Filled out and Saved online or downloaded?

As the others say, it depends. It depends on the value of your time. It also depends on your likelihood of winning. I went to small claims court and sued my condo association because it refused to pay for needed repairs to a limited common element. The condo documents were crystal clear; I was in the right. Still, the condo association refused to pay. The amount, if I recall properly, was around $750. So, at the time (this was a few years ago), that was real money. Plus, I was right and I suspect the condo board (which directed the management company not to pay) also knew I was right. But the condo board had a couple of lawyers on it. The board had the power. I was just an owner there. T probably figured t could save $750 by rejecting a legitimate claim. So, yes, there was also the principle involved. Honestly, I’d have sued them for $200; their arrogance and willful failure to pay a legitimate debt galled me. So you have to decide. Is $500 worth your time? Do you have at least a reasonable chance of winning? Do you feel you could represent yourself in small claims court?

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What about if t is in the military? That's the point. What if the board of directors is your superior officer? If you believe that your superiors have the legal authority to refuse to pay legitimate debts owed, consider your options first. Then, don't let others make you wait on it. For some, t may actually look worse than it really is. Do you think t could beat them at their own game? If they do decide to sue, you could be required to file a response and the odds may be against you. But, if you win and win fairly, it may even happen. That said… Keep all this in mind. As I noted above, these are some considerations I made as to if, when I would, and could sue. I believe that some of it is based not only on what t believes t should do, but also based.

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