I Got An Offer from Tech Company But they Do Not Require Me to Paper?

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I got an offer from tech company but they do not require me to "paper or electronically" sign the offer. Is that suspicious?

Yes, you should address them about it before spending one second of your time working for them. At the bare minimum, you need a signed agreement that you have a contract or are a w-2 employee of theirs. Otherwise you are at-will; meaning t can fire you without cause at any time of their choosing. Even worse, if a pay period goes by and t tell you to get lost, there is not much you can do to rightfully get paid. I've seen this tactic used by companies to avoid having to commit to new hires. After a probationary period t come back around with the right documentation. It's sleezy - expect more tricks like this one... unless it was an honest oversight, which also happens. Either way, the right thing to do is ask and clear the air. Don't be ashamed. If anything, you will express confidence to your peers that you know what you're doing (because you do ;)). Good luck!

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For me as well... It's a lot to take in so fast, and I appreciate your dedication to the truth! It's hard to be confident in something when you still don't know all the ins and outs. This post is an attempt to get a handle on what's going on, what's going wrong, and how you can start changing things. We'll start with the elephant in the room: you are not a contract employee. As such, you have no guaranteed benefits. As such, you can't sue for damages, regardless of the outcome. If you're lucky to have health insurance, you'll have to negotiate for yourself. If things get bad enough and your employer refuses to negotiate, you may have no options, and you will have to take your chances. When is your company going to stop acting like an abusive bully? They are doing this to you all... and.

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