How Can I Legally Send Junk Mail Back to Its Sender So That they?

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How can I legally (or quasi-legally) send junk mail back to its sender so that they must pay for it?

You know all those pre-approved credit card things you get in the mail? Well, I was getting 10+ a week for a while. In the envelope, there is a pre-paid, return mail envelope. The way those work is that the company gets charged by the post officer for each one that is returned. So, after saving them all up for a couple of months, I opened them all up, wrote “stop sending me these” across all the applications with a black marker, and put the application in the return envelop along with the original envelop and everything that was inside of it. Then I mailed them all back. Some of the companies stopped sending them, others did not. So I collected a bunch more from those companies, did the same thing, but this time, I put a metal plate in each envelope, adding a few ounces to each envelope, which raised the fee t had to pay for each envelope. Well, I guess them took notice, because for a few years, I got only an occasional one, now I get maybe 1 or 2 a week, which I just shred.

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Of course, I don't waste paper, so my recycling is even more efficient. In the past, people have said, “How can you say you don't recycle, you use so much paper!” Well, the answer is, I use so much paper I could fill half my bathtub in them. Anyway, I do say recycle some, but only a fraction of what I have. I can't afford to go all paper recycling on the rest, but I use lots of other plastic materials as well. Oh, and one more thing. I don't use any products with animal ingredients anywhere, nor all other materials containing lead. I just don't believe in it. A few of you have been asking me about my diet. It varies by day of the week, but today, I am trying to eat a more whole food diet, to reduce my food waste. Also, I try to avoid processed.

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