Given Multiple Embarassing Incidents in the Past Few Years?

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Given multiple embarassing incidents in the past few years, how is morale in the Secret Service?

All LEO’s Particularly those working undercover, are sometimes forced to engage in illegal activity to keep their cover. Drugs are the most common thing that LEO’s engage in, so t don’t arouse suspicion. If t are working a suspected drug ring, and some of the suspects t are after, break out some cocaine and t all start using it, the LEO that circumstance might be risking his life if he were to turn down the offer, so he might go ahead and use the cocaine, which is technically illegal, but procedurally correct, and certainly would not be prosecuted for it. I saw and some of the other answers, the fact that nobody is above the law, which is supposed to be true. But in reality, we all know that the scales of justice are not balanced. A white affluent Woman from a good neighborhood, is not going to get the same treatment as a poor black man from the ghetto. Secret service is now under the department of justice, but for many years since it’s inception it was under the treasury department because it’s initial mandate was to stop counterfeiting. A significant portion of its agents and resources still goes to that mission. It’s been widened to include identity theft, credit card fraud, banking fraud, Internet financial crimes, etc. I’m not sure why you focused on the Secret Service as the federal agency you asked about. The only thing that stands out about the Secret Service and your question, would be the question, “is the secret service required to arrest their Protectees If t commit a crime? “The answer to that question is very fuzzy. At first I thought, you would wonder why t would not enforce the law, even against the people t are protecting if t committed a crime. And obviously if it were a serious crime, t would have to arrest them. The problem is, if it is a minor crime, these people are assigned to protect these individuals, and there needs to be a certain amount of trust between the two parties. If the person being protected feels that if t were going to do A line of cocaine, that t somehow have to sneak away from their Secret Service detail. That would put their safety and national security in jeopardy. So, the last thing that a secret service agent wants, is for them not to have trust between themselves and the person t are protecting. If that son of a president feels like he cannot do what he normally does, in the presence of his Secret Service agents, he might try to ditch them, and like I said, that would create a risk to them and to national security. But on the other hand, Secret Service agents are LEO’s, sworn to uphold the law. So if t were to see their protectee try to get away so t can do something like use drugs, it would make their job very difficult. It’s probably safe to assume that if t have a person t are protecting, who uses drugs on a recreational basis, and is not a hard-core addict, t probably would look the other way, because that is better than them having the person trying to get away from them. It’s a very difficult line. I use drugs as an example, because it is both something that is not hurting other people and also Somethings that is a low level crime. And also is the most likely thing that the child or young adult of the president, for example, would likely do that is illegal. Obviously if t were to commit a felony, certainly where someone is hurt, t would have to act as LEO’s and arrest the person t are protecting. I remember the Bush daughters getting caught using fake ID to purchase alcohol. I believe t were arrested, or one of them was. I’m not sure how that whole thing went down. I think it was at a bar, and maybe after t were caught by the bartender or someone else using fake IDs, That person may have called the local police, and t came to the scene and arrested one of them. That obviously doesn’t involve the Secret Service with breaking a law. But, I’m sure when t went to the bar with Secret Service in tow, The SS officer’s assumed what was going to happen, and did not try to stop them. And if t got caught, then t got caught. But the bottom line of a Secret Service agent doing protection detail, is that t don’t want the person t are protecting to possibly do something out of the ordinary and dangerous. And if I am getting the scenario correct with the incident with the daughters of George W. Bush, or just assume it’s an example, if the SS agents stopped them from going into the bar, again it opens the possibility that may be very late at night, t might try to sneak out so t can go to a bar. Again, not something good for their protection. So, even though this wasn’t the question asked, the Secret Service protection detail is likely too late it’s protectees, get away with small things like that. But, again, back to you earlier original question, only out of a matter of absolute necessity, again usually in an undercover situation, made any LEO’s break the law. But aside from extenuating circumstances, t are not above the law in anyway. Technically, no one is. But that’s where you get into the nightmare of Americans criminal justice system, and The realities of it, where race and socioeconomic status have a great effect on whether you even get arrested, and if you do, what happens to you next. I don’t think I am breaking any news by saying that those who can’t afford A top private attorney are going to do much better than those who are forced to use the public defender. And you can usually guess which color of skin those two groups usually divide into. For the most part. However I must say that while public defenders are greatly overworked and underpaid, there are many very good ones. There are people who graduated from the top law schools in the country who became public defenders. I never did, but I was always involved in other public service. In retrospect, I wish I had done it for at least a period of time But the other work I was doing for the government I thought was as important in helping society.

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It worked for a while. During the 1980 election there were many people making trips to the Reagan compound in Hempen, Nebraska. The mansion had about 200 guards, some of them armed. The Secret Service had its own airstrip. There was a Secret Service contingent on every corner in town. The Secret Service sent an unarmed detail to every wedding ceremony in the state. There were two Secret Service cars in the car park. The guards were not armed, but were armed with dogs. The dogs would sniff out people who were looking to harm the President. One man was convicted of trying to kill Reagan. The guy had the nerve to steal a Secret Service badge. When he got caught, he asked, “Who the hell are you?” The agent said, “That's my job. I'm a Secret Service agent.” The guy wanted to know for 300 or.