Can My Husband Come Back With Me To The United States If We Marry In?

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Can my husband come back with me to the United States if we marry in Nigeria?

This question is pretty awful. “United States woman” is very general. Seeing that this is the United States, you have to be specific. People of every race live here, all from varying backgrounds and cultures. I can say though, most will not find it acceptable for you to objectify them as “United States women”. That being said, I will now take into account the topics added. You are a “young boy”. Remember that in the US, it is illegal for any adults to date minors, and only in certain states can minors become married, with permission from both sets of parents. For dating, do not treat them the way it is suggested in this question. In the United States, women are equal to men (or at least should be treated as such). Treat them with respect, and t will respect you. Woman here are not query to select from a shelf, or items to just marry off for money. Do not attempt to do this. You will be looked down on by everyone. But most importantly, why does it have to be a woman from the United States? It sounds as though you plan to use them as a ticket for a green card or a new passport, in which case you are despicable and do not deserve marriage. If you are planning to scam a woman to gain access to the US, may God have mercy, because society sure won’t.

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And if you are married to her, and have a green card, and you don’t have to pay child support, she is still your wife. You don’t have to act the same way you are suggesting I do, if you do not want to. If you don’t want to, that is fine. ″wantTo‱. ‹ ‹ Do the same to me as you are asking me to do to her. ‹ ‹ It is also a problem to have this attitude. For example, if you are dating a Hispanic woman, you have to treat her similarly as an American.‹ ‹ ‹ If she is Mexican, then you are to treat her in much the same way as if she is American.‹ ‹ ‹ If you are in the military, then they are just as Mexican as you.‹ ‹ ‹ If married to a Caucasian woman, you have to treat them in much the same way you would.

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