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Hi my name is Dan and today I'm going to be showing you how to add text over a line without the line moving and Microsoft Word this is more commonly referred to as a fillable form I know when people often use a fillable form they find it annoying when they type in the line moves or shifts as they're typing so I'm going to show you how to fix that problem today in our word viewer once we have our Microsoft Word file open we select a review tab choose me select the View tab and you see under our show options will select ruler and we get our little ruler tab on the top now in this tab you can select anywhere along that ruler and it'll put this little l-looking device what that is is referred to as a tap stop if you double click that you see a list of our different tab stops you can also manually type these in and add them the benefit of doing this is that once you have your tab stop you can select a leader and an alignment for this purpose we'll select left and the leader for which is underline as you can see now once we make that change you don't see it by default but if you tab into that tab stop you get a fillable line preceding that and you can insert these as many as you need to do now once you have your leading tab stops in the document you'll notice that as you continue to tab through each line you'll continue to get lines across the whole document the benefit of this is once you're in that tab selection as you type you'll see that it doesn't move my name is Dan today I've shown you how to add text over a line without the line moving in Microsoft Word thank you for watching and I hope this helps you create your forms

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What were some “red flags” new hires shouldn't ignore when starting a new job?
Let’s discuss 10 red flags to watch for within the first 3 months of your job. 3 months gives you ample time to find. My credentials for this answer: 20+ years in the corporate America cube farm. Fortune 500, mid-level, and start-ups. Ready…Let’s go get it.Has your job, in the first few weeks, suddenly morphed into something different from the job role on your employment contract? And, if you call management out on it, and they use silly phrases like not “being flexible”. Congratulations, you’ve found your first red flagAside: If you learn nothing else from this post, read this: “Flexible” and “Team Player” mean do more work, but not get paid for it. Learn this quickly. Because the most important thing every morning is waking up, looking in the mirror, and being able to respect yourself.If you work in a job as a “doer”, such as developer, builder of things, etc., do you find yourself booked up in many meetings? Then congratulations, you’ve discovered a red flag. “Doers” should not be in too many meetings. Because gasp…they need time to actually do stuff. If management cannot squash this early so you can do what you do best, you’ve found yourself at a mismanaged company.In the first few weeks of joining a company, do you notice lots of “cliques” and keep running into “unexpected, unspoken rules?” If so, you’ve dug up another red flag.I remember working at a company years back, doing development. In my interview, I was crystal clear…”I don’t like filling out a lot of paperwork to push code. I just want to code, test quickly, and push it out there.” Alas, 3 weeks after getting hired, management “revealed” that every code push needs a 3 page document filled out, a web form filled out, 3 layers of approval, just to get a change in. It’s ridiculous. The more red tape, the bigger the red flag.Does your company push “social-time” off hours and unnecessary get-togethers? Do they push, and I mean push charities, social justice groups, and other hootenanny garbage? Congratulations, you’ve found another red flag. Nowhere in any standard employment contract anywhere, does it state you must be active with charity, social justice causes, and any of that other garbage. Nor should it, because none of that has one iota to do with your job and the company making money. Not one iota. So if it’s pushed on you, run for the hills.Does your company value “in-office” time more than they do accomplishments during your work hours? If so, you’ve found another archaic, and detrimental red-flag. If I get 8 hours of work done in 2 hours, then what I do after that shouldn’t matter. Because, it’s not like corporate will pay you more for additional effort. Great bosses will let you leave early and give flex time when you pump out work quickly.Do scheduled meetings always run over time, or start late, or both? Congratulations, you’ve found another red-flag. Time wasters. Also, meetings, especially corporate meetings, are notorious for posturing and politics. And if you aren't a fan of meetings like me, then this is a HUGE red flag. Meetings should have an agenda, allow no rambling, and get to the point quick. As in, who is doing what, who needs help, and when can we expect things to get done. That’s it. No more.Are you having a hard time finding a document about annual raises and bonuses? As in, you do “x” and “y”, and this is how you advance. And when you ask about it, does your manager hem and haw or avoid the subject. Congratulations, you’ve found another red flag found at 90% or more of corporate jobs.Does the majority of people at or above your level use unnecessary buzz words to describe something? As in, can you find a word from grade 5 to grade 7 on the Flesch-Kincaid reading level to replace their silly buzzword, and not only keep the meaning of what they were trying to say, but enhance it? Congratulations, you’ve found another red flag. The key to communication is simplicity and clarity. And buzzwords violate both those rules. And if we can’t have a simple conversation about “my contract” and not “annual incentive protocol”, then we have a red flag on our hands.Do the dumbest people get promoted, and the superstars get passed over or marginalized? Congratulations young padawan, you’ve uncorked another red flag. And this, like #7, happens at 90% or more of corporate companies. It’s red flag football, and you never score a touchdown.Does your new company change “direction” every 2–4 weeks? Pat yourself on the back detective, you’ve found another red flag. If management cannot figure out what to do, and they get paid large coin to do one job, then you’ve found yourself at an insane asylum. Best to pull the cord and exit stage left.Heed these 10 rules my friends, they just might save your life down the road.
What is an English word that has a totally different meaning in a foreign language?
IndonesianMainIn English it means something like “most important” or “center”. In Indonesian it’s pronounced maa-een and means “play”.AssIn English it’s a donkey or backside. Many Indonesians use it in text messages as a shorthand for a certain Arabic greeting (“asw” would have been less confusing).BanPronounced baan, it means vehicle tire or belt, especially of the martial arts kind.ASAPMeans “smoke”, which you may have to check ASAP in case of fire hazard. :)Makin’Pronounced maa-keen, makin means “more” or “increasing” in Indonesian.KetchupSpelled kecap in Indonesian, this almost always means soy sauce, either kecap manis (sweet) or asin (salty). There’s also kecap ikan, or fish sauce. Tomato ketchup is saus tomat, or “tomato sauce”.I’ll add more if anything else comes to mind.BrexitFor the world it refers to the British exiting the EU, for us it’s a shorthand for the highway exit in the city of Brebes.JapaneseOne-man liveSo a musical show is billed as a “one-man live” show, but there’s 12 girls on stage. That’s because “one man” refers to one musical act (solo, group, band, etc.) rather than one person.WSince the letter is pronounced “double-u”, the Japanese like to use it as a shorthand for “double”, e.g. WTanaka for two guys named Tanaka.ChallengeThere it means “taking on the challenge” rather than the challenge itself, e.g. “Challenge the question”.
Have you ever said something in an interview that immediately disqualified you from the position?
YES.2015. I was going to interview with John Hopkins Medical Center for a IT position. This was in April 2015. I was very busy studying for this ‘ambitious position’. I ironed my suit and trouser the night before. Woke up early morning and continued to study ( Wow, I was so nervous). I realized I was getting late. Started dressing up, said my prayers, touched my mom’s feet and got ready, I go to the garage and realize my shoes are missing . ( Interview/ formal shoes), I look around everywhere, cannot find it, I go down to the basement , can’t find it. I am sweating at this point and my mom reminds me I have to drive to Baltimore , I just say fucckk it and wear gym sneakers thinking I will just hop in to some Payless Shoe Store near Baltimore and get a pair of shoes. Plan sounds good, except I do not pay attention to one of the hot news going in the country. Baltimore had riots in the same period. The city had issues with violent protests and marches and my drive turned to be longer than expected. the 3ish hour drive got converted into 4 and half hours and I finally made it to JHMC , but I just did not have the time to find a shoe store and I am not at all familiar with Baltimore and hence did not want to get lost.I just pray in my mind that the interviewer does not observe my Adidas gym sneakers right under my suit. He comes out to greet me and the first thing he observes is my shoes ( Oh, how lucky I am ) and looks at it for a good 3–4 seconds. The 1 hour interview started and I answered ALL technical questions perfectly. I was feeling so proud of myself , because interviewing at such a big place and being so comfortable in my interview gave me a lot of confidence . While we were going out and talking about follow-up details, the interviewer again looked at my shoes and asked me ‘ how many interviews have you been to lately?’ . I said “ I have been to many and always been to those interviews I have worn formal shoes”I never heard back from JHMC. It had to be the shoes or my admission or both. I should have explained the situation right in the start. I must admit, I might have not come across as a good candidate with that attire and my sloppy reply in the end completely rekt my chances . After the interview, I looked for some apartments since I was in the area, just so that I am ready when I get the job offer LOL - bad decision, as I got horrible traffic stalls again ( again due to the riot effects) and I was probably disqualified before the interview even started .The drive back home was longer than expected as well, I remember reaching back in NJ at 11pm to find my mom waiting for dinner :)P.S In case you are wondering where my shoes went, Two things- a) I was unemployed at that time, so I never wore formal shoes daily,only for interviews b) My dad probably had thrown it away, he has a habit of moving around things and throwing them away when he thinks its clutter.
Have you ever laughed when a doctor told you a diagnosis?
Not at the diagnosis itself but getting here has been kind of amusing.A few years back, a doctor looking at a chest x-ray noticed that I had a healed crushed vertebra. I knew that I had hurt my back a year earlier but didn’t realize it was a crushed vertebra. When I told her that I got it lifting a shop-vac into my pickup truck, she was suspicious. As a (then) early 50’s male, I shouldn’t have bones getting crushed for something that innocuous. She ran some tests that showed that I had abnormally low bone density but everything else was fine. She suggested that I see a specialist.After a (long story) while I get to see an hematologist/oncologist. They start doing some measurements of protein in my blood. The value keeps rising. Bone marrow and biopsy tests from my hip shows unusual cells. The doctor says I have Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia. But … they keep testing and the protein value roughly stabilizes. It’s too high but not high enough for a definitive Waldenstrom’s diagnosis. I have Monoclonal Globulinemia of Unspecified Significance, MGUS. Treatment is to watch and wait to see if it develops into something more serious.This summer, I crush another vertebra lifting up a computer. MRI scan shows a tumor in the crushed vertebra and the vertebra next to it as well as some other damage. Diagnosis? Multiple myeloma.I get signed up for a clinical study for multiple myeloma. Doctors need to get another bone marrow and biopsy from my hip to baseline my condition before starting treatment. Diagnosis? Not multiple myeloma. It’s Waldenstrom’s.The hematologist wants to have a back specialist take a look. When I see the very experienced back specialist he says that he’s never seen Waldenstrom’s lead to crushed vertebra. Diagnosis? It’s probably multiple myeloma.But, importantly, he says we can’t keep guessing. We need to get a bone marrow and biopsy test from the vertebra to be certain. Result? It’s Waldenstrom’s. Everybody is now in agreement.I know way more about my immune system than I ever expected to know.
How is it possible that people can recite sentences they have read in books just by memory? How can I learn to do the same?
Madeline Moore, a good friend, published her first book a few years ago.To celebrate her spectacular achievement I hosted her at one of her favorite restaurants in Berkeley, Cafe Venezia. You can take a look at the photo and get an idea of why Madeline loved this restaurant so much.You can see a line of laundry pinned to a rope clothesline with wooden pins. Dresses, bras, panties, man’s shirts and pants, are “hanging to dry” in the air from one wall to another. There is an Italian water fountain bubbling with clear water in the middle of the dining room that looks as if it was set in Venice, Italy.The decor and ambience of this restaurant drew many customers that are artists, writers, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and academics from UC Berkeley. Venezia’s customers were people who appreciate beauty and fine food at shockingly reasonable prices. To use the words “cheap prices” would be accurate but would not fit the aura, or the tone and tenor of Cafe Venezia.Midway through the perfectly prepared garlic gamberi (prawns), Madeline brought up a character in her book.I said, “Oh, yes! On page 32 you described..” and recited a short paragraph of five sentences word-for-word that described that character.Madeline was stunned that I not only knew the page number, I could also recite a complete paragraph!She reached into her handbag and pulled out a copy of her book, flipped through the pages until she came to page 32, and read that specific paragraph aloud.This true story is being shared with you to let you know that you already have the ability to recite sentences you have read in books by memory.“Huh?” you say.I can prove it to you.If I asked you to describe what made the interior of Cafe Venezia memorable, you would be able to recite something like this, There is laundry pinned to a rope clothesline with wooden pins - dresses, bras, panties, men’s shirts and pants are hanging to dry. There is also a water fountain in the middle of the room.See how much you remembered? A lot!If I asked you to describe Venezia’s customers, you would be able to give even more details.See?Here comes a secret tip:If you want to be able to recite a paragraph of lines word by word written in a book, or a poem, do what people who have that skill do.FirstPeople who are able to recite sentences they have read in books by memory are able to do that because those sentences captivated their attention through the beauty in the words - how the words sound, the rhythm, or the words contain meaning that inspires insight, or they present unique details, or the sentences are structured to blend all that have been just mentioned.ThenWe take our attention further by reading and rereading and rereading those lines over and over again to savor the beauty in the words, or to feel the inspiration of the words wash through us.We even read the words aloud to thrill to the beauty in how the sentence is structured.Through pure indulgence, by savoring beauty, we joyfully memorize the lines.It is easy.Give in to great pleasure.You can do the same.(Google images)
Why does 'Bethlehem' have two different meanings in Hebrew and Arabic languages?
In both Hebrew and Arabic, Bethlehem is composed of two words, Beyt, and LEhhem (Hebrew) or lahhm Arabic, which are cognates. In both languages, Beyt is House. In both languages, when one noun is immediately followed by another, they form a noun construct. In this case, the construct means House of LEhhem (lahhm).So why the difference in meaning? Well, in Hebrew, LEhhem means bread, but in Arabic, lahhm means meat! Furthermore, these words are ancient in both languages. It seems surprising that ancient cognates for such basic objects should mean such different things. Well, they do both mean some kind of food. I remember once seeing speculation here on Quora about how the word could have evolved to have such different meanings. But I don't know how to find that answer, and it might have disappeared when its author temporarily left Quora.
Why are Americans so against national health care being implemented in America? Do they not believe access to healthcare is a human right?
These answers make me sad…It’s basically 9 people, some with hundreds of upvotes, saying “Fuck everyone else, I can afford it.”I do realise Calvinism is strong in US, but come on…The entire argument about Healthcare not being a human right because it involves labour is ridiculous. Water involves labour, yet it is a human right. Some European countries already have access to the internet in human rights as well and providers have to have a basic, low cost option for those people.Even US citizens still have a right to a fair trial (except for when the government decides you don’t deserve it). This too requires someone’s labour. Yet, it is a basic human right, not slavery as John Cate calls it.Basic Rights are not some magical crap from God. All of them require someone’s labour. And which ones are and which aren’t is decided simply by majority. US basic rights didn’t apply to slaves. I guess it just slipped God’s mind that day…Now, don’t get me wrong. United States of America is completely and utterly unable to implement something like national healthcare, but that’s to deep of a social problem to cover in anything less than a 500-page book. They already pay ridiculous amount of taxes towards healthcare, of which they don’t get anything, to feed the monster they call healthcare. Then they spend another ridiculous amount of money for insurance that doesn’t apply until you spend a third ridiculous pile of money out of pocket first.The government can’t be trusted because big companies bribe… Lobby… them, and all everybody cares about is proffits. Bottom 50% of the country be damned.Unchecked capitalism in tandem with “Each gets what he deserves.” is just wonderful.
Friends (TV series): What were Ross Geller's best scenes?
Season 7 Episode 19The One with Ross and Monica's cousin.Sitting alongside his cousin Casey, Ross is having a hard time not thinking about her romantically.(Casey opens a bottle of wine, fills both of their glasses)Ross (thinking) : She's your cousin! She's your cousin! If she knew what was going on in your head, she'd think you're sick.(She reaches out to the bowl of popcorn kept in his laps. Ross groans silently)Ross(still thinking): Or would she? Let's back up a second. She was the one who suggested opening a bottle of wine.She was the one who turned down the lights.She was the one who wanted to rent Logan’s Run, the sexiest movie ever.(Casey reaches out to a blanket behind Ross, very close to him)Ross (continues with himself): I know that bug. Forget it. I want it. She wants it.I am going in. (leans suddenly to kiss her)Casey (taken aback) (pun intended there) : What the hell are you doing?!Ross: (talking to himself, again) : Say something clever…(A really long time later..)“Ok, it doesn't have to be clever, it just has to be some words, say some words”.“Any words will do. Oh my god, This is the longest anyone has not talked, ever”.Yelling (Of course! in his head only) “There is nothing you can say to make this worst, so just say something”.Finally some words comes out.Ross: I.. I haven't had sex in a very long time.(Casey leaves, Feeling sick)Ross (to himself, for the last time)“Yeah! You really shouldn't have said anything”.One more.Season 9 episode 18.Rachel is elated to find that Emma said her first word ‘Gleba’. But Ross argues that it's not a word.Rachel: Gleba is a word.Ross: Okay, use it in a sentence.Rachel: Okay, err.. Emma just said “Gleba”.Ross: It's not a word!Rachel: Okay! Okay! Okay! Fine. I am gonna look it up.Ross: Oh! Err.. Okay! You know what while you're at it, she said another word the other day, why don't you look upPfpffpfpffff. ( I lost it after this..)Her reaction is priceless.
What is the dark side of falling in love?
I met a girl, she was my classmate back in 10th grade. But 6 years after that was when it all began.One night she texted me out of nowhere​. And confessed having a crush on me for 6 long years. We started talking and eventually got into a relationship. Things went fine for the first few months. I even told my family about her.One fine day after 5 months into the relationship she said she had to go to a funeral of her distant aunt. And couldn't talk for the rest of the day and night until she returns.When she came back, we talked normally only until evening​ when she started saying sorry and begging for forgiveness for no reason. Upon questioning she told me she didn't go the the funeral but had spent the night with her ex in a hotel room. And he raped her there.I was shaken to the core. Millions of things were running though my mind. I cried like a baby. I couldn't comprehend what had happened. Why did she go to a hotel room with her ex? Why did she not tell me that she was in touch with him even after asking repeatedly. How can a rape victim be so casual throughout the day as if nothing happened? And if it was her fault why would she tell it to me even when I had no means to find out?I was mentally shaken down. Fast forward next day, I went to her town with my mom, my mom skeptical at first asked her to come with us to our home for couple of days. Eventually I believed everything she said and thought she was actually a victim.Fast forward three months, I was at her place one day she was asleep. I took her phone just to see what has she been upto. I find nothing. All chats besides her family were deleted. No sign of any wrong doing. So I put the phone back down. Few moments later some thing struck me, I thought let me check the SENT folder from WhatsApp. It's not visible in the gallery.Scrolling though few random quotes and pics I came across something. My heart started racing. I was suffocating. I saw few pictures of her kissing another guy in a hotel room. She was the one holding the phone to click the pictures. I couldn't breathe. I felt as if someone had stabbed me with sharp piece of metal right into my heart. I rattled and broke up with her. During that fight I also found few pics of her with her ex in a hotel room. The pics looked nothing like rape. She was kissing him and the date on the pics was exactly the same when she cried rape.I never imagined a girl to be so vicious. I was worried about my mom, how would I break it to her. But she took it fine. Much better than me.Fast forward six months. I decided to give her another chance. She was suffering from cancer. I tried my best to not think about anything from the past. Its not easy to emerge from all that. She used to be sick often due to cancer and had to frequently visit hospital. Me being in another city, we didn't meet often.Within few months I found out I was being cheated again. One day,After, her not replying for several hours, I texted her sister and guess what. She didn't have cancer she was lying all along. She forged cancer reports to make me believe.After talking to her sister for couple of hours I figured everything she ever told me was a lie.Couple of hours later she woke up saying that she was sick and was taken to the hospital so she couldn't reply. Her sister had already told me she is fine and just sleeping in another room.I was surprised to see how easily she could lie and not feel a thing on her conscience. I played dumb for next few days asking her about her health and everything. Then it dawned upon her that I found out the truth. She denied everything and I broke up. After few days she said she wanted to confess. I heard her out she was still hiding and denying a lot of things I already knew. But I was done with her.So the dark side of love is you make yourself too vulnerable to someone, and that gives people the power to play with your life and emotions. Honesty and loyalty is very important in life. If you feel your partner is lying and something feels off balance, your gut feeling might be right. Listen to your friends and family about your partner, you might be blinded by love to see their real self but they aren't.After the second break up I was surprisingly fine. I didn't miss her at all. I always had a good night's​ sleep. Not having to worry about anyone cheating on me and lying to me. Being with her was always a guessing game. I suspected every word coming out her mouth.Its better to stay single than to be in a relationship with someone who sucks the life out of you.Edit 1:Thank you all for understanding and showing support. A few girls have even said sorry on behalf of girls. But I don't blame all girls for what one did.I also got emails from my ex, she read this and sent me tons of pics of letters and what not.This is me talking to you directly. I don't wish to know anything you didn't tell me back then. And as far as showing pics go. I remember you sent pics of the cancer reports and the house keys. So I don't trust anything. And thanks to you I will never be able to trust anyone or anything untill I see things with my own eyes. So its best you save your energy and not send me anything. You proved your love when you did the things I just mentioned above. Point out a single word that isn't true. To me love means honesty and loyalty. And that's how I treated you. You shattered all my beliefs about love, beyond repair. You have no right to claim that you did all that out of love. You did it because you enjoyed it. You did it because you thought you could get away with it. No matter what you say. The truth will always remain the same. And getting such emails from you only pissses me off more than ever.You always kept saying nobody can love me like you.I hope that's true.Edit 2:Thanks for the growing support. And I'm a bit shocked to know more than few people have been through the same.Thanks for your kind words.But.Please don't post any hate comments and please refrain from name calling. I'll delete your comments if you do. So save me the trouble and don't.I might not love her anymore but that doesn't mean I'd disrespect her or encourage others​ to do so..I hope you'll understand.