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Instructions and Help about use fill up in a sentence

Hello everybody my name is J I'm one of the expert IELTS teachers here at e to language what we're going to do in this live class is we're gonna focus on IELTS reading this is both for general and academic we're going to focus on a specific task called sentence completion if you haven't seen the other IELTS reading videos we've done and you're on YouTube right now click up here or up here I forget where it is but there's a lots of other ones or if you just want to go to the platform e to language comm there's lots and lots of practice materials for you to do because it's one thing to learn the methods and it's another thing entirely to actually practice and if you want to crack this test and get a 7 7.5 or an 8 you need to practice the other thing is if you're on YouTube right now click the subscribe button down there rock and roll so this is task type at number 8 sentence completion let me explain this task to you this is kind of what it will look like on test day right of course you're going to have this separate reading textbook here but what you're going to have here are a set of instructions you're going to have the questions you can see its sentence completion because there is a big gap at the end of the sentence or the sentence may have a gap in the middle of the sentence you need to complete it quite simply first thing you should do is read the instructions because it tells you how many words and/or numbers you can use and it says choose no more than two words from the text so you're not creating any words you're taking words directly from the text and inserting them into those gaps right but this says two words so we could have one word like car or you could have two words like red car you cannot have three you cannot use a number I'll talk about numbers in a second so you can see the question here vonapp Frisch discovered the difference but dance types by changing the position of the something-or-other just let me change the color of my pin here just bear with me I didn't think it was black red Red's nice so what you need to do is you need to identify a keyword in the question right different dance types something like that then what you're going to do is you're going to scan read the text and you're going to find that keyword in the text right wherever it is then you're going to read very carefully and you're going to think very critically about what word or words will fit in here there's a few clues that you can get it get from here for example the article though which means what type of word can possibly

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Why can't we use the preposition 'up' in the place of 'in' in this sentence - 'I got an application and filled it in'?
Do you fill in your details or fill up ? Ever since childhood we have known this sentence - Fill in the blanks. In the above sentence too there is some information that requires to be filled inYou could have used up when there was something TANGIBLE(see and touch) getting teemed with something, like - Fill up the water tank.
Why does Quora collapse short answers though they are relevant?
Because when they did allow short answers, huge numbers of people posted terrible ones, and many long-time members complained.Quora is very aware that there are good short answers, but they had to enact a policy that scales. Given their resources, it won't scale for them to read each short answer (or even each one that gets reported) and make a judgement as to whether it's good or not. The don't have the manpower for that.In all large-scale human structures, the governing bodies are forced to make one-size-fits-all rules, because fairer rules don't scale. Examples include the  many laws that constrain minors. There are some 14-year-olds who could safely drive cars--there are some who would be better drivers than some 40-year-olds. But, in general, 14 is too young to be behind the wheel, and we don't have a scalable mechanism for judging the maturity of each 14-year-old separately. So we make a blanket rule which, unfortunately, is unfair to some people. Quora has done the same thing in many instances. There are some answers that are legitimately helped by including meme images, but back when they were allowed, terrible ones were posted all over the site, and many members complained. Quora lacks the manpower to judge each meme separately, so they made a rule against all of them. The character-count for questions exists for similar reasons. Quora knows very well that some questions can't be asked within the character limit, but given their manpower constraints, it's a workable (though not perfect) solution to a problem that constantly occurred when they allowed any-length questions. Most questions can still be asked. Individual users rarely think about the issues involved in running a site and making it scale for hundreds of thousands of people--and doing it as a startup with limited funds and a very small staff. They just think, "My answer was collapsed! No fair!" Which is totally understandable. Why should the average user care or even consider what Quora has to deal with and what problems Quora has to solve? But those problems exist and Quora does have to solve them.
Have you ever actually tried to write while drinking?
“Have you ever actually tried to write while drinking?”Yes! At a conference of writers even, who were closely monitoring me.See, Lori was a non drinker but had written a scene where one character chugs a glass of Fireball. She wanted his behavior to be authentic, so she brought a bottle of Fireball and asked if anyone would try it.Well…I'm a sucker for an experiment.Like her character, I poured a small glass full and chugged it. “Bah! It tastes like syrup made from Red Hots candies.” Nastiness.What followed was exactly what you'd expect. My writing went briefly through “uninhibited” to peak at “nonsensical” and “trouble holding the pen”, then tapered slowly back to normal, leaving me morose and with a headache. It took 3–4 hours to get completely straight.
Why do I never see cops getting gas?
They do get gas, in Tampa Florida with a city credit card. When gas prices reached 4.00 a gallon, a mysterious phenomenon was noticed where police officers filling their units equipped with a 15 gallon tank were suddenly able to put 45–60 gallons in them. Many officers were also seen talking with their wives and children around the gas pumps when they stopped to get gas, perhaps coincidentally running into them , or perhaps arranging to meet them at the pumps to purchase gas for all of the family vehicles courtesy of the City of Tampa .
How does one arrive at knowing the meaning of a word?
First, you come across a new word (hello, bumfuzzle!) and look it up in the dictionary.This is how you understand its meaning - elucidating, stiff, static, didactic. (This word means "to confuse".)Sometimes the meaning clicks (Oh! There is a word for that! Wow. I do sometimes feel bumfuzzled!) and sometimes you can see the black outlines that define it but don't fully understand how to fill in the insides.Then, you look for ways it can be applied - you look for this word inserted in a sentence. (Could you explain that in simpler terms? I feel like you are deliberately trying to bumfuzzle me!)Finally, you effortlessly use the word yourself in regular, running speech.At one point your brain develops a more nuanced understanding of this new word.You realize that at first blush "bumfuzzle" could be mistaken for a synonym of confuse or perplex, but really it's more like a place that exists being confused and feeling flustered.No one tells you this - you just internalized the word and that's what makes it spring to life and connect and expand inside of you.This to me is the magic of language.
How can I prepare for English on the CAT?
I do not have 99 percentile in CAT. But I got 89.88 percentile In english so I think I can answer this.What I did for preparation of English in the last year and a half is….3 Newspapers a dayMintEconomic timesThe HinduI used to cutoff editorials and stick them in my personal book and also write their summaries after that.I read more than 55 books in all different Genres. (Depends on what you like to read on)I started small okay. I wasn't William Shakespeare from day one.My starting speed was 189 w.p.m. (words per minute) and after a few months of rigorous training I made it to 1120 w.p.m.I started small when it came to newspapers as well, for almost a week I was barely able to read Times of India & Indian Express but slowly I built up my vocab, increased my speed and got over my personal barriers to upgrade to ET and Hindu. Almost a month later I started reading Mint. Mint is tech and data savvy.Among the Books I've read…Chetan Bhagat all books (started here, we all need some IIM stuff don't we?)Dan Brown all 6 books.Lord of the Rings 3 parts + HobbitHarry Potter all parts.Paulo Coelho 10 books.Game of thrones all of them upto now.Many more like Dial D for Don.An Abundance of KatherinesLove Chemistry.Murder on orient express.Economic books I don't remember of, and so so many more… I can't even count them anymore…I used to write summaries of all these books the day I finished them and used to send them to my English Mam for reviews. (Shes the one to whom my whole Cat motivation dedication and performance credit goes to.)I Used to read Magazines whichever I can get my hands on, doesn't matter what the content inside was…. The best is THE ECONOMIST.(But honestly speaking I myself didnt read more than 2 magazine editions. One reason for that is, I didn't have enough time, English reading itself took 4-5 hours a day or even more )Also since I joined TIME I used to get monthly magazines from them. I used to finish them up fast.I once upon a time hated to read. But i wanted to change my future, so I liked what I disliked. I like to read and write a lot now.I started using Latest news update apps changing them from time to time depending on my preferences.I started current affairs from Manorama but couldn't complete it, I felt it was soooo boring…. Then I started reading one new news at a time in the day, and hence over the year and a half compiled a lot of data in my brain.Now this much was done for increasing my reading Speed with comprehension. My comprehension at 1.12K wpm was around 60%. Meant that I could get the glimpse of the page and knew what was there inside roughly around with some facts.This speed helped me to save 20-30 minutes of the one hour given in cat for VARC SECTION. Now from the leftover 30 minutes I used 15-20 for Parajumbles and odd man out and other stuffs which changes everytime in Cat. After doing all this I still have 10 mins. I go back and think again on the most difficult closely optioned questions, that I have marked for review and again correct the option if necessary. So that comes over a year with practice.Now it won't matter what institute you join, or you don't maybe. But take around 3 types of mocks series from 3 different institutes and you'd make it through.Since I went to T.I.M.E. I had their RC Materials 3 books + critical reasoning 2 books. I completed them.I had Vocabulary materials as well, which honestly I didn't use for Cat.I have Compiled around 4 books of editorials by now. Thats like 500+ editorials.One Book has everything related to economics like GST+Demonetisation+Gdp+everything similar.ONE book for Global events like Brexit+Donald trump+Palestine etc.The 3rd & 4th books are same which covers every other topic. Sample images are shown.I also scored well In Lrdi and Quant. So it's not so that I only did English. I am an engineer so I loved maths the most. I've worked really hard throughout the year and believe me when it comes to English there are no shortcuts you will need a “Disciplined Consitent Process.”Edit 1: For any students who need some help regarding cat you can mail me I am an average student I love to help. I don't represent any institute or charge anything it's just a student trying to help someone in need in case feel free to mail me.Edit 2: Btw I made it to IIM-Amritsar.I thank every student here who has mailed me, I have made some valuable connections in different states, and have tried to Improve their communication skills, let's convert our calls and build up a Healthy peer to peer relationship at our own IIM Society.
Do you mix your languages when speaking and why?
I sure do!I live in a country that speaks German in day-to-day life and I speak it for 8 hrs straight at work, every single day! Often, especially during weekdays, my only sources of English are Quora or the news or some conversations on WhatsApp.But German is still not in any way a primary language for me. So whenever I am speaking German in a non-professional context, I mix it with plenty of English!When I am talking to my best-friend back in India, we tend to speak shuddh (pure) Hindi as neither of us has a tendency to switch to English when speaking Hindi. We both speak native languages proudly. Unless we are quoting something (or someone). If I run out of vocabulary (since it is not my mother-tongue) I borrow words from Marathi to convey what I mean and try to translate them. Hindi is his mother-tongue so he never has that problem. If even that doesn’t work, I use English words.When I am speaking with Marathi-speaking friends I have similar tendencies of using Hindi and English words if I run out of vocabulary.When I am speaking English with Indians anywhere in general, I tend to use plenty of desi words, especially while texting! (unless it is someone who doesn’t understand any Hindi or Marathi)Words like “arey” , “kya” , “accha”, “thik”, “chalo fir, bye!”, “haan”, “nahi”, “matlab?” , “kuch bhi!”, “ainvayi” and so on!If I am speaking in English with anyone who is not Indian or German, I have zero tendency to use foreign words (unless they are proper nouns). Then its all just English.If I am speaking in English with some German-speaker for whatever reason, I tend to use way too many German words. It starts with 10% German in an English sentence and rises up to 40% by the end of it.When speaking French, I can’t wait to simply switch to English! :D It is not a language I can speak fluently.Conversations with my best-friend here, though, are a very curious case. So she is Sindhi-Afghani who grew up in Germany and is a citizen here. Sindhi-Afghani means her ancestors migrated from Sindh to Afghanistan thousands of years ago, so they are basically Afghanis who speak Sindhi and Dari (or Farsi). And then her family migrated to Germany in the early 80’s when Taliban was making life for Hindus very difficult in Afghanistan.So, she speaks a mix of Sindhi and German at home and knows English as a foreign language. I have no idea how she learnt Hindi though! She studied in German and lived here her whole life, so German is a fundamental language for her, just like English is for me. She speaks a peculiar kind of Hindi with some very Pakistani-Afghani vocabulary and accent! I speak very Indian Hindi.So, we are quite a case study while we interact! :DI speak with her in Hindi, with generous use of English words (since she doesn’t understand if I go really shuddh on her!) and if I still have problem conveying something, I just say it in German.She speaks back in Hindi with generous use of German words or sometimes even entire sentences!Now, coming to the “Why?” part of the question — It is just something I do. The purpose of languages is to ‘convey’ what you intend to say. I guess, given the varied geographical, linguistic and cultural backgrounds of people, you need to draw from various languages to keep up with the interaction and convey yourself as accurately as possible.Maybe, that’s why! :)
How do you use vicarious in a sentence?
The word Vicarious means:Experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.In simple words, it means 'getting an indirect experience through someone's actions/feelings'.For example:Tina was living vicariously through her daughter, by filling up her day with activities that she had missed out on as a child.Since I have many food allergies, I tend to be a vicarious eater who enjoys food through the stories of others.John experienced vicarious pain as his wife gave birth to their first child.Reference:Vicarious: In a Sentence