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What is the correct grammar, "does addicts fill out paperwork too" or "do addicts fill out paperwork too"?
using the actual construction asked about, the answer is “do addicts…”. “Does addicts” is grammatically incorrect because the numbers don’t agree … does is singular while addicts is plural.
What is on your mind the first time you fill out paperwork to live in another country?
I was annoyed about some self-discriminating questions, like were you a member of the NSDAP. Of course not, I was born decades later !! Still to this day I am annoyed with this questions, if I want to do sabotage in the USA?Seriously, just think about this questions. What brilliant mind did not think about to update them or expect that somebody will answer them with YES !!
When people who were born in countries that no longer exist such as the USSR fill out paperwork, how do they identify their birthplace?
They fill in with exactly what is indicated in the passport, ID card or official document.The original birthplace name doesn’t change for official purposes even if it’s different now.For instance, an ex-schoolmate of mine was born in 1962 in “Ljubljana, Yugoslavia” and this is required to be put on official forms — even though Ljubljana is in the nation of Slovenia since 1992.Similarly, two friends of mine were born in the former “USSR” — one in “Leningrad, USSR” and another “Moscow, USSR.” That is what they’re required to fill in with, despite the USSR being superseded by “Russia” since 1991.One relative of mine was born in the “Federation of Malaya” (1948–63), which of course is now Malaysia. That’s what’s on her birth certificate and passport, and that’s what she has to declare on official forms.
If you have a deferred felony, how do you fill out paperwork when asked if you have ever been convicted of a felony?
In my diversion program, all people who met the requirements, graduated, paid their fines, got a 17-B from the judge, and their charges were dismissed. They don’t put anything down, because they are not felons. Case is dismissed.
Can you be "banned" from a Walmart if they never had you fill out paperwork and don't have your ID?
Yes just because you didn’t give them your information doesn’t mean they don’t have it. Did you use a credit card or check to pay for items? Were you arrested? Both those methods will give them your information. There’s other ways they can get your information but those are the big two.
I am filling out paperwork for consolidation of my student loans. Why do they need 2 adult references?
The references on loan applications (including the original loans, not just the consolidation loans) are for skip tracing. If you stop making payments on the loans, they will contact the references asking for your current address. Recent college graduates tend to move more frequently than the rest of the population, and they don’t always remember to tell the lender about their new address.