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These synonym questions are similar to antonym questions in that often you either know them or you don't as ultimately they are a test of vocabulary however like antonym questions when you have to make a guess there are ways to improve your chances of getting a question correct in synonym questions we are asked to select the word that is most similar in meaning to another word for example what if we are asked to find the word that is most similar to tenacious and the options are yielding feeble weak persistent or charged so if you get a question like this you might not know what tenacious means so we need to make the best possible guess the first thing to do is look down the answer list we have been asked to select the one word that is most similar to tenacious this means that if any words within the answer options mean the same we can rule them out so looking at the second and third choices weak and feeble we know that those two are quite similar in meaning so we can cross them off the potential answer list the other thing that you should immediately be looking out for is what type of word is in the question in this case tenacious is an adjective and charge can either be a noun for example the charge on my credit card or a verb for example the mechanic charges 10 pounds per hour given that charge is never an adjective we can rule that answer choice out as well we are now left with two choices yielding and persistent even though you might not know which one is correct at least we're now down to a 50/50 chance of getting it right rather than one...

Fill out Synonym: What You Should Know

When should you use fill-out vs. fill out? — When you are ready to fill out, use fill out, because the word “fill-out is a compound word from the root of fill-out”. — Merriam-Webster The two most common ways to fill out are fill out or fill out. — Thesaurus — Merriam-Webster Filled Out: something is written or stated to have a given structure or meaning. Fill-Out: to fill or be filled out, especially as a form. The verb “fill” means, “to fill (an area, space, or volume) into a specified shape or format; to cause (an object to flow into a defined shape and size); to direct (a flow of something): to make (a volume) fill.” The verb “fill-out” means to fill with or make solid and solidify by chemical action. Fill-out: a form or volume made solid by chemical action. It can also imply that this kind of solidification is of a special sort, or that certain kinds of substances will have a particular effect when mixed or poured into one another. How to Create and Use Fill-Out Words: A List of Fill-Out Examples & Phrases Fill-out: to fill out (a form, shape, or number): to create a form or seal by filling it out. Fill-out: a written piece or document filled in by a signature, ink, or the like. | word reference The word “fill out” has both a “fill” and an “out” meaning: · FILL-OUT · Merriam-Webster: FILL-OUT. A lot of people use the word “fill-out” to mean a form which is filled with or made solid by chemical action or extrusion—in other words, to fill. This definition is misleading, because the word “fill” is normally restricted to the concrete, physical, mechanical filling of a space or volume. In that sense—that is, “to fill the forms with—it is most commonly used in the senses of “make solid, constitute, solidify,” etc. A more precise usage would be to say “to make physically solid or solidified; cause to form.” In that sense “fill” is used, roughly, of every form.

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What's another word for filling out?
synonyms for fill out On this page you'll find 33 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to fill out, such as: round out, expand, gain weight, grow, and swell out.
What is a synonym for fill in form?
Synonyms of fill in (verb answer in writing) fill out. insert. advise. apprise.
What is the meaning of fill out a form?
phrasal verb. If you fill out a form or other document requesting information, you write information in the spaces on it. [mainly US] Fill out the application carefully, and keep copies of it. [ VERB PARTICLE noun]
How do you say fill in professionally?
Synonyms of fill-in substitute. replacement. backup. stand-in. assistant. surrogate. relief. sub.