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Hi guys my name is Rima Burrell and I'm back with yet another course this time we're going to be focusing on the vocabulary and I am basically going to be doing two separate courses for you one is going to be for students and the other one for antonyms I'm going to go through all these words in alphabetical order so that it's easy for you to understand the basic premise for this course guys is is that you increase the number of words that are there in your bank currently you know more words you try to remember their meanings that is not what I have done is that I have included pictures in each of these slides and also along with the world and we will be going alphabetically I have explained its meaning and I would try to wherever possible explain this origin to you and also try to use it in the sentence for you all let's without wasting any further time start with the first one which is abdicate the abdicate means to step down and literally here if you have shown steps but yeah it means to step down from a position of power essentially so sometimes someone who is in power they might decide to give up that power to step down from that position and when they do that they abdicate their authority that is they give up all the duties and perks of the job essentially the word was first used I'm guessing before the 17th century it used to be referred to disowning once children that is to giving them away but after 17 the 17th century the word started being used in relation to giving up power the synonyms for the word as can be used asked in the test would be abandoned or renounce now of course there can be more synonyms I have used one or two with each of the words you must whichever words I am teaching in the lesson here guys just go out there and look these up try to use them in a sentence wherever possible and also try to remember or include more synonyms so that it becomes easy for you to attempt such questions when you sit for the exam so abandon and renounce are the synonyms for abdicate sentence can be in recent decades it has become a tradition for the monarch to abdicate the throne next is a ball a ball means to detest or to hate a lot okay so abhor let's see if you just want to say that you know you really really don't like something then you just say I abour it or I load it another synonym for this can be load loa athe as you can see this girl is striking down the symbol of the Nazis so I think she really what we are trying to say here is that she abhorred Hitler or his policies or whatever he

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Is there any problem if the nearby dog lovers want to rent my Labrador (therapy dog) for some time?
Thanks for A2A.I would deliberate on these points if I were you-1. You got to be confident that your dog will  be taken care of with them.2. They should be genuine dog lovers.3. Your dog should be acquainted to them.4. NO night stay.5. You should be allowed to check in on them once in a while. As in just to see how your dog and your neighbours are getting along. There should be positive vibes from both sides.6. The intervals should be small when he will stay with them. Like more frequent short visits. Atleast initially. Later based on your assessment of the relationship between the patient and doc (your lab) you can let him be there for longer durations.Let the doc start his pratice and make the world a healthier place. :)But be on your discretionary best for the first two days.
Can sex be used as a synonym for gender?
It is possible to confuse the two and as Chris Tou points out is often done in common parlance. However, that does not make it accurate and in an ideal world would not be done.Sex is a word based in biology. The options for sub-categories include: male, female, and intersex.Gender (identity) is a word used to describe the gender role and/or gender expression a persons innermost sense of themself. Sub-categories include but are not limited to: masculine, feminine, and transgender. Transgender is a big umbrella which includes cross-dressing, genderqueer, genderfucker, and transexual.Sexual Orientation is a word people use to self describe their romantic and sexual attractions to others based on gender. Sub-category options include but are not limited to: straight, heteroflexible, bisexual, pansexual, homoflexible,  gay, lesbian, asexual, two-spirit, and queer. There are also words used to describe sexual behavior separate from a persons self-identified orientation such as men who have sex with men (MSM).It's important to note each one of these concepts is a spectrum unto itself and together they exist in infinite combinations. Sex and gender are commonly thought to be the same thing only because gender role socialization based on sex is so ingrained in our culture.For a larger glossary this page (from 2001) does an above average job:
Is college tuition negotiable and what are some useful techniques to ensure that I am getting the grants, loans and scholarships that I qualify for?
In general, the annual cost of studying for a bachelors degree is Not negotiable.Never use the word negotiate nor any synonym with a college’s financial aid officer. Otherwise you may be summarily shown the door and told to enroll elsewhere.Therefore, when you fill out the required financial aid forms (you and All of your parents), take your time and fill out everything as accurately as possible. Those would be the FAFSA and PROFILE forms for an US applicant and the PROFILE or equivalent forms for an international applicant.Colleges do Not loan their money to college students. Period. Colleges are allowed to process a Federal loan, based upon the content of the FAFSA forms, for the student. Or the college may “recommend” a private lender. However, in the end, you owe either the US government or a private entity, not the college.Colleges will give merit scholarships and/or financial aid Grants. If the amount of that combined merit scholarship and/or Grants is not sufficient for you, then you do Not negotiate. You go the college’s financial aid office and do one of two things:Ask them if they misinterpreted your financial aid application or you may have a change in your family’s economics since filling out the forms,And/Or show the financial aid officer the statement of financial aid that an Equivalent (in the eyes of that college) college provided to you. For example, Brown university may have provided $30,000 in financial aid, and Cornell only $26,000 in financial aid, and you would like Cornell to evaluate your forms the same way that Brown did. (Sounds like negotiation but do NOT use the “N” word….)NOTE: many of the elite Private US universities do Not give merit scholarships but Only financial aid grants (up to full amount).I hope that helps a little. Look at a wide variety of answers on Quora.All the best.
What are some sentence examples using "compel"?
Compel means force somebody to do something“We compel all students to fill out this form”Synonyms: obligate, obligeExamples :“I would think this is an environment that companies would find compelling,” one banker said.Wall Street JournalJul 18, 2016A couple of years ago, scientists wanted to understand what compels people to seek the sun daily, despite its obvious cancer risks.Wall Street JournalJul 18, 2016Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says “fears and concerns” about Democrat Hillary Clinton “are the most compelling things” that will unite Republicans behind Donald Trump.Washington TimesJul 18, 2016Yossarian watched him tinkering and felt certain he would be compelled to murder him in cold blood if he did not stop.Catch-22Plus you can use external hard drives with the Xbox One, making the $300 model arguably the most compelling of the bunch.TimeJul 18, 2016The story, rooted as it is in character work, carries across as at leastcompelling moments that might otherwise be too offensive to contemplate.TimeJul 18, 2016In the patent application, Snapchat first describes how object recognition could provide a "compelling way for users to personalize, supplement and enhance" their snaps.The VergeJul 18, 2016Not just why the Asian arowana was so incredibly valuable, but what compelsus to put a fish in a bowl in the first place?National GeographicJul 17, 2016“It’s a compelling new branch of astronomy and physics. It’s difficult to predict what will happen or what we will find,” Cavagliá said.Washington TimesJul 17, 2016How does any opera company make its live experience sufficientlycompelling to pull people in to the opera house?Washington PostJul 14, 2016Rather, they depict real, sensitive and self-sufficient people in an entirelycompelling way.Washington PostJul 15, 2016However, there is no more compelling second-half story line than this: the Cubs aren’t really going to blow this, are they?Los Angeles TimesJul 16, 2016
Is it really necessary for Chinese students going overseas to choose an English name?
The answer is personal view that based on my one-year study experience in UK. Most of the people I mentioned below are English people, some are Europeans apart from UK. No, it's not necessary.First of all, some students have English names before they go abroad. Like me, my English name was chosen by my English teacher in primary school. So, not every student pick up English name for the purpose of studying abroad. Secondly, having an English name could have some benefits as the following points explained:1. Much easier for English people to pronounceSome Chinese words are quite hard for foreigners to pronounce, like words including "ue".  2. Don't need to correct the pronunciation again and again afterwards.Because it's hard to remember the "brand-new" name for foreigners, many of them will forget the correct way to pronounce it. 3. More engagement maybeImagine a foreigner want to pick one person within a group for certain situations, I think they prefer to call a people which they can pronounce correctly the name. Rather than make him/herself embarrassing by pronouncing in a wrong way and be pointed out for correction.Also on social media, they can easily find your name and tag you. It takes more time for them to figure out how to spell your chinese name in PinYin.4. Could be a interesting topic Some curious foreigners will ask what's your chinese name and what's the meaning for it. It's a good topic for conversion. And some people will insist on calling you by Chinese name. I would be very happy if somebody say so, cause the reason why I tell my English name is to make it easier for them to pronunce and remember me. If they are willing to remember and calling me by Chinese name, they're more than welcome in this way :D Thirdly, the following four rules are widely used when Chinese people pick up English name:1. Similar pronunciation as Chinese name but easier for foreigners to pronounce. 2. English name which has the same/similar meaning as their Chinese names. Like me, Joy is similar as the meaning of the last character in my Chinese name, which relating to happiness. 3. Name which has the meaning or characteristic they wanna people think they have.Similar as English people might have sort of "stereotypes" for some English names.4. Same as the name of their favourite celebrity, movie stars, writers, etc.Finally, also personal view, it's easier for Chinese people to pronounce English name than English people to pronounce Chinese names.
Is a Brazilian Latino? I'm filling out tons of job forms, and whenever I'm confronted with this question I mark Latino + white.
Brazilians do consider themselves "latin", though in a sense far removed from the current U.S. American concept of a "Latino" ethnicity. "Latin America" for us means every nation of the Western Hemisphere that was settled by Romance (Neo-Latin) speaking European countries. Brazilian geographers include in "Latin America" places like Haiti (whose languages are French and Haitian Creole), Suriname (among whose languages is Papiamento -- a Spanish/Portuguese/French based creole), Trinidad-Tobago (though they speak English now, they were settled by Spain at first) and the former Netherlands Antilles (where Portuguese and Spanish creoles once flourished).But "Latin America" is mostly used for broad economic and strategic generalisation. Under the Brazilian perspective, in no way you could generalise under the same category countries like Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Haiti, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil itself. Despite a common language family and some common historical and economical aspects, we do see these countries as very different. In Brazil no one would refer to a person from another South or Central American country as "latino". Despite the initial perception that "this guy comes from some place in Latin America", most Brazilians would soon after inquire where he was from. Brazilians, especially in border regions, are in close contact to Bolivians, Paraguayans, Uruguayans and Argentinians and can even, sometimes, tell them apart by physiognomic aspects, speech accent and dress codes. If a Brazilian travels the neighbouring countries, he never says "I've been to Latin America" but "I've been to Peru, Chile, Mexico, Argentina ..." or whatever.What bothers Brazilians most about the "Latino" issue is that the concept is entirely artificial -- perhaps other people from neighbouring countries even feel the same. Categorisation as "Latino" is more or less like saying that everyone east of the Danube is "Russian" or that everyone in the Middle East is "Arab", or that Eastern Asians are all "Chinese".
Do pronouns refer to sex or gender and why?
Pronouns are literally the things we use as a shorthand in place of someone's name.You wouldn't call someone Margaret because you thought they looked like a Margaret, even though their name was Helen. You would use the name they have asked you to useSimilarly, when you are using pronouns, it is good manners to use the pronoun they have asked you to use.That means it's ultimately up to them.My pronoun is 'they'. I use this because I am agender, and it helps me a lot to hear affirmation that someone acknowledges my identity (whether or not they inwardly believe me).Refusing to use that because I happen to look like a woman would be really rude.
What is the height of hypocrisy of Indian celebrities?
Show :Roadies.Synonym :Fake /Chutiya showGang leaders : Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa, Prince Marika,Raftaar (Dilin Nair),Sandeep Singh.Task master :Ranvijay Singh.Honestly speaking I didn’t know any one of them. I'm seeing them for the first time on this show only. I'm sure many of you too might not be knowing all of them. So, these "so called celebrities" are the gang leaders.Each contestant is asked to fill the form which consists of a set of questions and the gang leaders evaluate you on the basis of that.Let's talk about the hypocrisy hereAudition1:The contestant's name is Preeti Singh.So,after asking the usual stuff like her introduction,fitness regime,passion,the next question was:Ranvijay Singh:"What's the problem with you that u had to beat up all your ex boyfriends?"Raftaar:"Not one or two,but all four."Contestant(smiling proudly):"Sir,not four. Many."Ranvijay Singh :"OK. How many exes do you have till now?"Contestant:"I don't remember."Raftaar :"But you wrote four."Contestant:"That is the number of exes I have slapped."Neha:"What made you slap them?"Contestant :"I'm very close to my family. So,if anyone dares to say anything about them,I can't tolerate it."Task:They asked her to pick up a football and imagine it as her exes and asked her to slap the ball exactly the way she beat up her exes and enact the situationIrony : She was badmouthing the guy's family as she punched the ball.Gang leaders even pointed it out teasingly.Verdict : Selected.Audition 2:The contestant's name is Monu Gurzar.This guy has apparently filled up his firm with shit which I'm not discussing here since it's not relevant to the topic. After a few mints of interaction and calling him all sorts of badwords like bhos****, chu**** ,haram**** etc,Ranvijay (reading the form):"Tell a truth and a lie about yourself. You wrote that you are an alcohol addict,you have slapped a girl and you can jump from the top of the building. So, among these which one is the truth?"Contestant :"Jumping from the building is false. The other two is true."Ranvijay :"So slapping a girl and being an alcohol addict is true. Why did you slap her?"Contestant:"Sir,she was my girlfriend. I trusted her so much and first time…"Prince :"You know a woman is sitting right here (pointing to Neha) and if she wants,she can slap you so hard that next time you won't have gutts to do such a thing "Raftaar:"He wrote,the worst carrier option for a girl is film industry and he is now standing infront of such a gang leader.(looking at Neha) Doesn't he know before coming to roadies?"Ranvijay interrupts and gives a task.Task no:1The first task was to take out a total of 6coins buried deep inside the hot sand— which was kept in a pan— without spilling the sand. He somehow manages to collect all 6coins easily. The gang leaders got disappointed as his hands weren’t burned enough and he completed the task.To overcome their disappointment, Ranvijay Singh gives him another task.Task no:2The guy was asked to do push up in slanting position by keeping both legs on the chair with some heavy sandbags kept on his back and a tumbler full of cow dung was kept under his face so that when he gets tired and losses the grip,his face would touch the cowdung.Result:After crucifying this guy further more and teaching him a lesson,the guy was sent off.Verdict :Made fun of and tortured really bad in the national television.I agree he was very wrong. The things he wrote on his form like how he slapped his girlfriend or film is the worst career choice for a girl or if a girl invites you to her home it's for sex or me too movement is bakwaaz.. His way of thinking about firms was very wrong and it enraged me. But did he deserve this treatment in the national television? Who were these people to punish him? If they didn't like his answers they could have just asked him to buzz off.And the reason why he slapped his gf was because she put some false allegations against him to her father.Whatever the reason maybe,it doesnt justify his actions.But compare this reason with the reason of that girl. Who is more wrong here?Now let's come to the hypocrisy here.1)The audition title :In the girl's audition,they didn't even mention anything about her slapping 4 exes whereas compare it with that of the guy's audition detailing.2)The reaction.This was the reaction of the gang leaders when the girl was proudly telling them that she slapped 4 of her exes.This was the reaction of gangleaders when the guy said he slapped his girlfriend as she made fake allegations against him3) Respecting womanYou talk about respecting woman and then talk cuss words like bhen****, madar**** etc infront of a woman.4)The way of thinkingSo apparently,when a girl bears up a guy,it's something to laugh about whereas when the opposite happens, you can't tolerate.5) The message :A girl who can beat up 4guys and be proud about it qualifies to be in your gang. Whereas the guy who slapped his gf once doesn't.What is the message you are giving out to the world?That its OK to slap a guy and ucou an escape by playing the women card,but never slap a woman no matter how much she screws you.I mean like R-E-A-LL-Y? Is this the message you want to give to the young people out there?Wow. What a logic.This hypocrisy pisses me off.Respect and take stand for everyone who deserve to be despite gender. A mistake is a mistake despite your gender.
Do you know synonyms to "landing page"?
In short, a squeeze page is a landing page, but a more specific type of landing page. Squeeze pages are designed to serve one core function: to collect a user's information like name and email.While landing pages might be used to educate users on a specific product or service, squeeze pages are generally shorter and smaller, containing little to no images and very minimal text. Landing pages can include multiple sections, display different types of content, and possibly even have multiple call to action buttons within a single page.A squeeze page on the other hand focuses on quickly communicating a single core offer. This could be to download an eBook, watch a video, register for an event, etc.If you looking for best product that can serve Landing Page,Squeeze Page,Webinar Page ,Sales Funnels etc you can see my review HerecheersThangjam Kishorchand