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Instructions and Help about please fill in the attached form and return it to us at your earliest convenience

Welcome to Express tax-exempt the home for all of your tax exempt filing needs we're here to help by offering a quick and simple solution to e-file your tax exempt forms form 990 is an annual information return that must be filed with the IRS by most tax-exempt organizations certain political organizations and non exempt Charitable Trusts it's the most in-depth form of the 990 series and is often referred to as the 990 long form the form 990 must be filed by tax-exempt organizations with gross receipts greater than $200,000 per year or with total assets greater than $500,000 at the end of the tax year tax-exempt organizations are subject to a variety of disclosure and compliance requirements through various schedules which are attached to the form 990 these schedules are a vital part of the 990 because they allow you to go into further detail on specific topics about your organization schedules can also be made available to the public so be sure that you don't include any personal information such as the social security numbers of your officers the due date to file the form 990 is the 15th day of the fifth month after your organization's accounting period ends which means the deadline is May 15th for calendar year filers the form 990 requires in-depth information about your organization when filling out the form 990 you'll need to be prepared to provide details about your organization's program services revenue expenses net assets governance management disclosure tax compliance and employees it's important to report all of the information required on the 990 completely and as accurately as possible while rounding all numbers to whole numbers the fastest and most secure way to file a Form 990 is through the IRS authorized efile provider express tax-exempt we simplify the entire filing process by presenting the form in a simple interview process guiding you through the entire form from start to finish with simple yes-or-no questions we've also equipped expressed tax exempt with automatic error checks to identify any obvious mistakes before you submit to the IRS e-file e with express tax exempt is not only faster and easier it's safer your encrypted files are shared directly with the IRS and will send you an email to confirm when they've received and accepted it usually the same day and if you need any help our dedicated us-based support team in Rock Hill South Carolina is always happy to help we offer live phone and chat support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time and 24/7 email support so don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email at support at Express tax exempt com if you have any questions Music

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