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Video instructions - Please Fill In The Attached Form And Return It To Us At Your Earliest Convenience

Instructions and Help about please fill in the attached form and return it to us at your earliest convenience

This edition of The Riddler report is brought to you by freaking calm Dave really exciting in for the report com what am i doing in front of this ugly black building in Manchester this second federal building in Manchester well I am here to actually mail a letter to the IRS now I could mail it inside that building because they have a post office there instead I'm going to use this one here just so I can show you what I'm doing anyway I'm a as of 2006 i became what's known as a war tax resistor a person who does not want their money used for the purposes the federal government wants to use it for namely torture and unnecessary violence overseas the other thing is that i discovered website i guess i moving back in 2005 i discovered this website what I'm doing is I'm mailing a letter to the Internal Revenue Service informing them reminding them that I won't pay my taxes for 2006 now I did send them a letter you know around april fifteenth 2007 when my 2006 taxes were due informing him that i wouldn't pay and i was prepared to have action taken against me rather than pay their about a hundred thousand people doing this this year either right here in 07 row 600,000 people who have joined the war tax resistance moving at the very old movement but the you know it's gained a lot of additional attention and additional members because of the unusually bad misuse of power interact it's been going on lately now let me think of what else there is to tell you about i can't really think of anything but maybe all i should do is just mail this because i should also point out that a couple months ago I got a letter from the IRS telling them are telling me you know that they had not received payment for me from me for 2006 although of course I had sent them what they call a piece tax return that the National War tax resistance Coordinating Committee puts out they basically just informing them that you will not be paying your taxes for a given year anyway I set that in in 07 and a couple months ago I guess have been early early early to mid OA I got a note from the IRS saying hey we haven't got your taxes for for 2006 so anyway this is just a second second reminder to them or a first reminder to them second correspondence with them informing them that I won't pay so anyway in the letter goes for what it's worth that makes me what number one hundred thousand and one doing this and I should point out too that the if you go to the National War tax resistance Coordinating Committee website which I which i will post in the video description and also probably underneath be here what they.

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