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What are the cultural differences between Lingayats and Brahmins?
Lingayats or Veerashaivas are a community of people present in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and some parts of Tamil Nadu. Fundamentals of the sect is majorly influenced by the teachings of 12th century philosopher Basavanna and his associates also called as the Shivasharanas. Who exactly are Brahmins? Brahmins are the scholarly people in the Indian Subcontinent associating themselves with the rituals, practises and knowledge, presumed to have origins from the head of Brahma,the creator of universe according to the puranas. The scope of the philosophy of Brahmins is vast.Culture is evolved by the fundamentals of philosophy and a by-product of it. In the ancient times, Chaturvana system was the foundation of society in Indian sub-continent. However, the earth has completed several revolutions around Sun and society has undergone several reformations. Consequence of one such reformation is the Lingayat philosophyGlaring cultural differences from the inside of a typical Brahmin and a Lingayat household as I have seen are:Way of worshipping for a lingayat is a variant of Brahminical methodsLingayats don’t perform sandhyavandana everyday, instead they perform istalinga poojaLingayats don’t perform upanayana or the thread ceremonyLingayats are supposedly strict vegetarians while some Brahmins in the parts of Bengal consume fish as staple foodBrahmins don’t use Garlic and Onion in their kitchen**Womenfolks in Lingayat community weren’t suppressed systematically**Choice of the profession for a Brahmin is limited, while Lingayats believe that Work is WorshipLingayats aren't much into traditional arts space. There's little encouraging for the children to pursue. This is been changing off late, but historically Lingayats weren't much of the patrons for artIn the context of a modern society, every community around the globe are struggling pass on their heritage. Hence, the cultural differences between Lingayats and Brahmins don’t really matter.**Conditions ApplyPlease feel free add anything you know.
Will there be another lottery for H1B visas in 2016?
Please see my original answer below, along with updates as they become available... you can also check my facebook page for updates as they become available Aghnami Law CorporationBest of luck to all of us! :) -A--In my opinion, yes. There is an extremely high chance that there will be a lottery this year. USCIS has also confirmed the high chance of lottery in yesterday's press release.***Update 1***On April 7th, USCIS announced that it  reached the H-1B cap! This includes US Masters Cap. Here's what happens now...USCIS will use a computer-generated process, also known as the lottery, to randomly select the petitions needed to meet the caps of 65,000 visas for the general category and 20,000 for the US Masters cap.USCIS will first randomly select petitions for the US Masters cap. All unselected US Masters petitions will become part of the random selection process for the 65,000 general limit. USCIS will reject and return filing fees for all unselected petitions that are not duplicate filings.Before running the lottery, USCIS will complete initial intake for all filings received during the filing period, which ended today. Due to the high number of petitions, we do not yet know the date USCIS will conduct the random selection process.***Update 2***USCIS has completed the H-1B Lottery Selection Process! USCIS received almost 233,000 H-1B petitions during the filing period. On April 13, USCIS used a computer-generated random selection process (lottery) to select enough petitions to meet the 65,000 general-category cap and the 20,000 US Masters cap. USCIS will reject and return all unselected petitions with their filing fees, unless the petition is found to be a duplicate filing.***Update 3*** 4/29/15USCIS began premium processing for cap-subject H-1B petitions that made it into the lottery on April 27, 2015, and the 15-day processing period will begin on that date, regardless of the date on the Form I-797 receipt notice. You should hear back by May 11th on premium processed cases. US Masters cap should also be rolling in at this point.
What is the meaning of the phrase "in a timely manner"? What are some examples of it being used?
“In a timely manner.” Of course it refers to a time lapse concerning a reaction. However, I can give you two examples which come off quite differently. If I say to you “I responded in a timely manner,” I would be conveying to you that I didn’t lag about giving a response/action/answer. If someone were to ask me “Please respond in a timely manner,” however, there is a sense of admonishment. A request which includes that phrase has a bit of an edge. I would refrain from using the phrase in an interrogatory way. If you need a quick response, just say “as soon as possible.” It conveys there needs to be no lagging about without a sense of judgment. The exception to this meaning would be if the request is for a group of people, not pointedly at one or two individuals.
As a social worker, what’s the worst situation you’ve found a child in?
My social work team was contacted by a primary school with concerns about a 10 year old girl. It was the time of year when schools were sending letters to parents asking them to choose which secondary school they wanted their children to go to. The young girl, who I shall call Nina, returned to school with the form completed and ostensibly signed by the parent, but it was obvious to the school that Nina herself had filled in the form and signed it, so they contacted the social work team to investigate. They had never met the mum but I did a home visit.Nina and her mum “Susan” lived in a council flat in a high rise block in an inner city deprived area. Nina answered the door and I was shocked by what I found. The whole flat was full of packing boxes and nothing else. There was no floor covering other than linoleum. Suitcases lay on the floor. There were no curtains at the windows, no personal knick-knacks, nothing but packing boxes and suitcases. It was cold and desolate. The place looked like they were about to move house that day and were waiting for the removal lorry. Both Nina and Susan sat on the packing boxes - there was no other furniture. Nina slept on a blanket on the floor, as did Susan. When I was offered a drink, Nina reached into one of the boxes and pulled out 3 cups and a kettle and went to the kitchen to make tea. On the sideboard were teabags and “stera” milk - longlife milk. There was no fridge and all the kitchen cupboards were empty. When we finished our tea, Nina washed the cups and put them and the kettle back in the packing box.I asked Nina how long home had been like this and she replied “Always”. We went back into the “living room” and sat on the boxes. It became obvious that there was something really wrong here and the story unfolded.The family had decided to return to Jamaica, and Nina’s dad left the house one day with the money to buy the ticket to Jamaica, and book and pay for the shipping of their belongings. He never returned. Susan nevertheless packed everything away ready to move. That was over 5 years ago. She was still waiting for him to come home, said he would be back soon and refused to unpack the boxes. As I spoke to Susan, Nina was combing her mothers hair, trying to smooth out the tangled mess. It was touchingly clear that there was a strong bond. Susan drifted in and out of the conversation, sometimes lucid, sometimes not. “Who has been looking after you Nina?”, I asked. She misheard my question (or maybe not!) and said, “I’ve been looking after mum since dad went away a long time ago. Mum is waiting for him to come back with the lorry”. Nina did all the shopping and paid the bills with money her mum gave her from the welfare benefits - “ but sometimes the bags are heavy and the shopkeeper helps me to carry them to the lift in the block of flats”. It transpired that Nina had been cooking and cleaning for her mum for more than 5 years, she couldn’t say accurately how long but she didn’t remember when it started, just “when I was very young”. Nina thought her mum might be ill - “she’s tired and she sleeps a lot”, but she didn’t want to be taken away so she looked after her instead. Nina struggled to remember what life was like before. Clearly dad had done a runner with the money and left Nina and Susan to it.What to do? It was clear that Nina couldn’t stay there. She had been a young carer for at least 5 years, but mum was obviously ill and needed psychiatric treatment. I contacted the mental health services and they “sectioned” Susan - removed her to a psychiatric hospital via a court order. Nina was placed in foster care - she was distraught, and deeply anxious about her mum, but there was no alternative. I stayed in touch with her for a year or so. She never got over the separation from her mum. I passed the case onto a long term team.Susan was very ill, but eventually she was able to return home. The new social worker negotiated for the family to receive extra support - a home help, an assistant social worker, and pastoral support from her new school. Nina was able to return home to her mum. No doubt she continued to care for her mum, but was happier than being separated from her. Much later Susan apparently died, I don’t know how or why, and Nina went back into care.9 years later from that 1st knock on the door, I got a call from Nina’s long-term social worker. They were doing a family history book as part of Nina leaving care, and my name had come up. Could Nina come to see me as part of the work they were doing with her? Of course I agreed. Nina had grown into a beautiful young woman, had done well at school and was as happy as she could be under the circumstances. She said she remembered me as the first person that has tried to help and she wanted to thank me. I felt humbled because I had caused her a lot of distress when she was separated from her mum. I was pleased that things had worked out as best they could for Nina.There is more than one type of destitution and neglect. Not all the cases which are “worst” involve physical abuse or harm, or maltreatment. Think of the emotional loneliness of Nina, but also of her resilience. Susan clearly loved her daughter and Nina had loved and cared for her mum, alone, as a child until she was 10 years old, and sporadically afterwards, never questioning that she should do anything else.It’s rare for a social worker to get thanked - that’s understandable because people are usually in terrible crisis when we get involved. And I don’t expect to be thanked for something that I’m paid to do. But nevertheless, it’s nice when it happens.
What were some of the "gotchas" Republicans tried to catch Michael Cohen with during his February 2019 testimony to Congress?
Oh, they tried. They really tried. But they whiffed, big time.It really was a pathetic spectacle.Some examples are below. For brevity and clarity, most of this is very loosely paraphrased, more of a summary than a transcript.Pitiful Republican attempts at "gotchas":Donald Trump isn't racist, look at this Black woman I brought to prove it!Later, Democratic Congresswoman Pressley: “Would you agree that someone could deny rental units to African Americans, lead the birther movement, refer to the diaspora as ‘shithole’ countries and refer to white supremacists as fine people, have a black friend, and still be racist?”Cohen: Yes.What are these boxes of papers you went through?!?!GOP: Where did you suddenly find all this new evidence? Where are these boxes?! Where is this box of treasure? Why didn't you turn these things in to the FBI?!Repeats variations of this for basically his whole time, doesn't let Cohen complete a sentence, but from sentence fragments it’s clear what he’s trying to say, but never gets the chance. GOP Rep runs out of time.Another Republican circles back: So what about those boxes! ...Repeats same chargesCohen finally gets to speak: I just got them back from the FBI. They were seized by the government. They've already seen it all. They were returned to me in boxes.Why should we believe you ya big liar?MC: I brought these checks as proof.GOP: You say it's for reimbursement. How do we know that?MC: Well, Rudy already admitted it on national TV.You committed perjury today!GOP: Look what you wrote on this form! You already contradicted that!MC: If I did I'll amend it, I certainly didn't mean to.MC after lunch: Yeah, my four lawyers and I re-reviewed the form. It didn't say what you claimed. We stand by it.GOP: It did say that! It did!Later, Democratic Rep. Katie Hill: This is what the form said, clearly it didn’t say what GOP claimed…You're just here to get your sentence reduced!GOP: Are you familiar with the rule that lets that happen?MC: I am now.GOP: So that's why you're here!MC: The rule says I can only get a sentence reduction from helping prosecutors make a case, not by talking to Congress. But if you think you can help me, please do...Who's paying your lawyer?!GOP: Is it some liberal billionaire?!?!MC: He's actually not charging me, I hope.How did you hire your lawyer?!GOP: Did he find you?!MC: I initiated contact.You did this and that!GOP: You did all this bad stuff!MC: Yes, I did. I take responsibility for it.Different GOP: You did bad stuff!MC: Yes, I pled guilty. I’m going to prison soon.Different GOP: You did it!MC: Yes...x200Who did you talk to about testifying?!MC: I talked to my lawyers.GOP: Did you talk to any Democrats?!MC: Yeah the chairmen.GOP: Aha! Did you talk about the testimony?MC: Just the topics.GOP: Aha!What are your future sources of income?I’m going to prison for three years, so not sure. Are you making me an offer?Do you have a movie deal?MC: I don’t but if you want to talk about who should play you I’m open to suggestions.Will you commit to never making a book or movie deal in the future?No.You're a liar!You lied!You lied!You lied!x2,000Look at this poster that says you lied!“Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!” (actual quote)“You’re a pathological liar. You don’t know truth from falsehood.”MC: “I’m sorry, are you referring to me or the president?”How could you call him a racist!GOP: I've met Trump a few times, I never saw any racism!MC: I worked next to him for 10 years...This is definitely not all of them…A couple hours in, after the umpteenth attack from Rep. Jordan, the Republicans’ lead attack dog for the hearing (who they kept giving their remaining time to), he started twisting Cohen’s words and accusing him of not fully owning his crimes—despite repeatedly doing so. Cohen apparently decided his meekness and repeated humble apologies weren’t sufficient, so he gave a little back.I don’t have the transcript so these quotes may be out of order, but some of the things Cohen said in that moment:“Shame on you, Mr. Jordan.”That is not what I said.I made mistakes, and I own them.This is really unbecoming of Congress.“I’m responsible for your silliness.”“I did the same thing that you are doing now, for ten years.”“I protected Mr. Trump for ten years.”…and look where it got me(“I can only warn people, the more people that follow Mr. Trump as I did blindly are going to suffer the same consequences that I’m suffering.")I find it interesting that (of the Republicans) “not one question has been asked about President Trump.”For more answers like this, check out: Political Clarity, Demystifying U.S. Politics.
Why are Police so hated in India?
Laziness, Inactivity, Corruption, Unresponsiveness and the list goes on…This is what i found when i reached Delhi Police for help.Here i will write the full problem due to which i approached Delhi police for help and the aftermath experience.There is a family living in the house facing us actually two families, one living on the ground floor and the other on the first floor . In total they have two floors and one room on the terrace. In the terrace room the eldest boy of ground floor family lives. We also have two story building and a room on terrace. I used to live in that room, now my cousin brother lives there. Our washroom is on the balcony side so it’s obvious that he could see me, my sister and my mother whenever we used to go to washroom. initially he used to keep his doors and windows shut but later he opened his room’s windows and doors and started staring at us.Sometimes he used to comment and spit and show his tongue. This drama went on for one year. We ignored him for one year. What happened later is his whole family started threatening us. When my cousin brother started living there in that room he started using that washroom so now that boy living in the house facing us started staring at him and commenting on him. One day that boy standing in his balcony started shouting in loud voice acting like he is talking to someone on phone. He said “these people living in front of us has brought a criminal(referring to my cousin) to kill me, these beggars are bothering me, i’m getting mad i will send these people to jail etc etc”. Next day he and his family came to terrace sat in their balcony facing our balcony and started staring at us and threatening us. When we told them that your son has been doing this thing which can make whole male community bow their head in shame they started video-graphing us.After all this we went to police and filed a complaint against that boy. Two days later of our filing complaint they installed cameras on all three floors facing our house. In this way they started monitoring our moments, started intruding in our private space which is illegal and unethical. We again filed a complaint against this in police station and the family living on floor above us also filed a complaint because the cameras were installed facing their washroom. When four days has passed since we did all this and police didn’t arrive for investigation we approached Delhi Commission for Women (DCW). They sent one person for counselling, we told her about both of our complaints, she said that she will prepare a report and submit it to police. She submitted that report but nothing happened, police didn’t come even when more than a week passed. We called DCW again, that counselor talked to the IO in the respective police station where police informed her that they will soon come for investigation.I don’t know when this ‘soon’ will come. I don’t know what they are waiting for, may be for the time when the rascals living in front of us do something ‘immensely wrong’ or maybe they are waiting for that boy to gain more courage and rape someone.EDIT: Today police came when we went to the police station along with the members of Delhi Commission for Women and asked them what action have they taken on our complaint. Firstly they asked for the name of the head constable under whom case is registered, we gave him the name and the phone number which we were dialing from last seven days and which he didn’t pick up. Other constables in the police station dialed his another number, he picked up his phone this time and the person sitting in front of us informed him that this and this is the situation and why didn’t you looked at the complaint registered nearly 4 days ago and the other complaint registered 7 days ago. He said i will be looking into it ‘soon’. Then another constable entered and said “your’s is that neighbor case na? we talked to that boy’s father and told him to send his boy away somewhere outside Delhi”. At which the DCW women who came with us said Sir what we need here is reform, escapism is not the solution. He didn’t say anything and went away. After which i called the constable who have our case and asked him whether he’s going to take action or not to which he said i’m reaching your home in five minutes(i wondered when he can reach our home in five minutes then why did it took him seven days). We reached home along with DCW women. Two policemen were present there they were saying to our neighbors that you should change the direction of your cameras, cameras should not face at someone else’s house. DCW women called that boy out and asked him what is going on in here, why are you staring, commenting, spitting, showing your tongue at these girls. That piece of shit said “madam they had been harassing me for a along time, all these family members sit there in their balcony and comment on me(as we have nothing else to do, no college school, office to attend) because of them i can’t study at day time, i study at 2p.m. at night.” he further said that you tell us what should be the orientation of our camera(Seriously!! even illiterate people know that CCTV cameras are for our own security not to monitor someone else’s movements).That boy’s uncle openly threatened us saying “either we will die or they will die”. What police did in middle of all this, NOTHING. Those two policemen were standing at one side, they didn’t react at the threat. At the end they asked “Do both of you parties want to take this case to court?”Moral of the story- Delhi police respond to your complaint when some pressure is there above there head, they don’t work without pressure. Someone can openly threaten you in front of police and what police do NOTHING. Instead of standing there and changing orientation of those cameras in front of their own eyes they left it on the perpetrators of crime. That’s how our law and order system works. JAI HIND.