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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


How can I get a driving licence in Bangalore?
I will summarise the entire process of getting a driving licence in Bangalore. Without Broker / agent or any driving school. Before starting, here is the checklist:No matter wherever you are in Bangalore, choose KR Puram RTO ( for getting your driving licence. Personnels there are a thousand times more civilised and honest than others. I visited Koramangala RTO first, which is ruined by agents and corrupt officials.You'll first need to apply for learning driving licence. After one month, you can apply for permanent driving licence.You would need an age proof and address proof, along with corresponding originals documents.Common age proofs- 10th class marksheet or PAN card. Address Proof is complicated. If you are an outsider, staying in a rented apartment, then you would compulsorily need 2 address proofs, both for your local address as well as your permanent address.Local address proof- A rental agreement carrying your name as "tenant" and your landlord's name as "owner", along with electricity bill in your owner's name will suffice. Visit Kormangala's BDA complex ( to get your rental agreement for about Rs 170/-Permanent Address proof- Your Voter card or Passport mentioning your permanent address would suffice. If you are a localite, i.e, your permanent address is same as local address, then only permanent address alone will suffice. Check this page for comprehensive list on address and age proofs- would need a few passport sized photographs.Preparations (Location- Your home)You'll first need to fill an online form for licence. Its a PDF form, that generates an application number. It only works in Windows with IE and Adober reader. Mac wont work, Ubuntu wont work, wont work. I used a VM created in Parallels (on Mac) to create the following cheapest possible environment (in terms of memory and labour required) that works - 1) Windows XP service Pack 3, 2) Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.133) Adobe Reader 9.4.0 (Old Version of Adobe Reader 9.4.0 Download - - 26.35 Mbs).Open IE and visit . Click on "License e-Services". Hopefully you'll be taken to (if they dont change the port number, etc). Accept any security confirmation if prompted.Click on "Issue of a Learning Licence to me" which should take to . Enable Adobe's browser plugin to render this PDF on IE. You should get a form like:If you have to apply for both 2 wheeler and Car, check (2) "MOTOR CYCLE WITH GEAR (NON TRANSPORT)-(MCWG )" and (4) "LMV-NT-CAR-(LMV   )"After filling the complete form, click on "Submit". You should see this message:Note down the application number. Now go back to homepage and click "Print Application Form" Fill details, save and print the form. Stick your photo.Buy a brown paper folder with ribbon (compulsory). Collate the application form as printed in step 9, Age Proof, Permanent address proof and Local address proof (if applicable). Tie all papers with the ribbon, and write your name, application number and date of birth on top of the folder.Exam preparations. You'll be asked 5-10 random questions on traffic signs (maybe oral or written). Prepare these 3 sections:Mandatory Signs - Signs - Informatory Signs - Do prepare them well. You will be rejected if you dont pass the oral exam. (I was rejected, then I had to re-appear the next day.)We are now set to visit KR Puram RTO.In-Person Visit (Location- KR Puram RTO, Time 9:30am)Try to visit RTO before 10am. You'll finish the entire procedure in less than 20 mins.Visit the Challan counter (counter "3", if they didn't change it), submit your brown folder, with application number. You need to pay Rs 30 for each vehicle type. For Car + Bike pay only 60/- (Carry change. They refused to accept my 100 rupee note.) Tie the challan on top of other pages.Visit 1st floor. The signing officer will tally your originals with Xeroxes and approve the documents if found in order.Visit room number 2, for the Oral/written exam. The RTO inspector will ask you to explain 5-10 random signs. If you pass the exam, he'll approve your file and keep it with himself.If you fail the exam, dont panic. Your folder will be returned back to you and you'll need to re-appear for exam, the very next day. Before appearing for exam, you'll need to re-visit the signing officer (step 3). He'll stamp your file with new date. Then you can proceed for your exam.Visit after 2 working days after 3pm. Carry your ID proof. The inspector will search you file, stick your photos and handover you learning licences (2 A4 sheets- one for Car, another for geared 2-wheeler). Total cost- Rs 60/- Total RTO Visits required- 2Time Invested- 4-5 hours (including form filling and visits)I have not completed 1 month yet, so haven't appeared for Permanent licence. Will update the answer once I do so.
What is the best enterprise idea management software?
As you may already know, there is no perfect idea management software. What suits the needs of one company, may not work for another. There are good, very adaptable and customizable software out there, but ultimately it comes down to one question:What kind of an idea management process do you wish to build?Regardless of what you wish to achieve, you should always look for traits such as:Easy-to-useIntuitiveEngagingTransparentIf you wish to launch idea campaigns for specific purposes, or more refined continuous idea management processes, you should also look for:VersatileCustomizableNow, it’s important to remember that all tools have different areas of focus. Some specialize in ideation of limited-time campaigns, such as idea campaigns, whereas some are for continuous brainstorming.If there should be one multipurpose idea management software, it has to more than adequately work for both, a preset time frame and continuous ideation. It should be very easy to understand, use, and launch, but at the same time useful for a wide variety of different situations. Choosing this isn’t easy, as there are a lot of different software out there. I suggest trying out different ones and seeing which best works for your needs. This also helps you determine if your audience actually engages in using the software.These observations and insights are based on my personal experiences from working with the idea management software at Viima Solutions Oy. We believe our software to be the best tool for multipurpose idea management, and unlike many of our competitors, we confidently provide a free plan as assurance.
Which is the best PDF reader?
PDF reader Apps is most popular applications, that have always been a pain in the neck. there are 2 most common use cases for PDF files. the primary for business purpose, wherever you'll be able to create applications form in PDF format and have folks fill them out. The second is for reading e-books or other text. The PDF is a simple accessible file that works well for reading. Usually, PDF reader apps only used to at least one of 2 of these use cases and in this list, we’ve compiled a variety of the simplest PDF reader apps on Android for both.Generally, Most documents or forms you download online are in PDF format. PDF stands for moveable Document format, and due to its movableness, the format is extremely prevalent. There are several standard PDF readers Software available for Windows. android devices may not be able to open PDF files by default if they don’t have a PDF reader App installed.3 Best PDF Reader apps that will make your life easier.1. Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Reader is a common selection for many users when it comes to PDF reader and editing. With Adobe Reader, you'll be able to open up any PDF files stored on your sd card, Google Drive, emails, or phone memory. The app will scan for all the PDFs on your device and build them available under the “Local” tab. apart from PDF viewing, you can use the app to edit the PDF files and add text comments, highlight sentences, sign the document, etc. Users also can sign forms through e-signing by using their touchscreen.3 Best PDF Reader apps that will make your life easier.Moreover, it's a separate section with Dropbox support. just in case you have stored any PDFs in your Dropbox, you'll be able to access and edit them directly from your phone. Also, you can create an Adobe Document Cloud account from inside the app and store files online. the pro version is offered as an in-app purchase which unlocks premium options.The app doesn’t show any ads.2.OfficeSuite + PDF EditorMobiSystems OfficeSuite is yet one more office suite on Android with some unique options that distinguish it from the other apps on this list. It offers a well-known desktop interface that makes it an excellent choice if you’re engaging from a big screen (such as a tablet). it's extensive file format support (including Microsoft office & Open office Formats), document scanning and PDF support. I’m not a giant fan of this app because of its clunky interface that is riddled with ads. However, you'll be able to upgrade to premium to remove the ads and access other powerful options for $14.99.key features:Supports edit and view documents saved in Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, SugarSync, AmazonCloud-based Drive and DropboxCan export PDF to Word, ePub, excel (Premium Feature)Password encrypt protection (Premium Feature)Digital signatures for PDF filesAbility to trace changes in multi-author support3.WPS Office + PDFWPS office is one of the most effective office apps for android that comes integrated with smart PDF reading features. you'll open any PDF files from your storage, crop it, add bookmarks, print, or save it to Cloud storage. Also, there's Night Mode to allow minimum stress to your eyes. The app permits you to scan paper documents to PDF using the mobile camera. in addition, you can convert office documents created in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. to PDF.By upgrading to the premium version of the app, you'll unlock further PDF features like PDF signature, PDF merge, etc. The free version of WPS office is ad-supported.Key Features:It can Open and edit your cloud files (Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Box)Amazing Word, Excel, and Powerpoint format compatibilityCompatible with USB and Bluetooth KeyboardsAlso, Support wireless printingAuto-save and Document encodingOption to share files using wireless local area network, NFC or DNLALightweight and quick to OpenAlso, read: OfficeSuite PDF Editor Premium feature Unlocked v9.4.1 APKSource: 3 Best PDF Reader apps that will make your life easier.
What are some programs that can open PDF?
Hi,PDF is stand for Portable Document Format and developed by Adobe systems so open PDF file with any version of Adobe. Some more tool is available to view & edit PDF file with advanced functions.These are:
How do I download a read only PDF file?
Saving a PDF document in read-only format prevents readers from editing its content. If your business has a copy of Adobe Acrobat, take advantage of its security settings to configure your PDF files so that anyone can read them but only certain individuals who know the password can make edits. If your business does not have a copy of Acrobat, set your documents to the read-only format using a PDF-encryption website.1. Launch Acrobat and click “File” and “Open” to open the PDF with which you would like to work. Browse to the location on your computer where your PDF file is located. Double-click the file to open it.2. Click “Tools,” “Protection” and then “Encrypt.” A dialog appears asking whether you would like to change the security settings on your document. Click “Yes.” The Password Security window appears.3. Click a compatibility level to apply to your PDF document. Levels include all versions of Acrobat from Acrobat 3.0 forward. Click an older version of Acrobat if you would like to ensure broader compatibility, but be aware that the encryption available on older PDF documents is not as strong as on newer ones.4. Click the radio button next to “Encrypt all document contents.”5. Uncheck the check box next to “Require a password to open the document” to ensure that anyone can read your PDF file.6. Click the check box next to “Restrict editing and printing of the document. A password will be required in order to change these permissions settings.”7. Enter a password in the Change Permissions Password field and write it down somewhere in case you want to make changes to the document's permissions at a later date.8. Select “None” from the pull-down menu located next to the Changes Allowed label. If you would like people to be able to print your document, select a print resolution from the pull-down menu located next to the Printing Allowed label.9. Click “OK” to apply your read-only settings to your PDF file.10. Click “File” and “Save As” to save the read-only version of your PDF to your computer. Browse to your desired save location and click "Save."
What is the best PDF reader for OSX?
It depends on how you would like to do with PDF files. Do you simply need to view files or need more editing options. I personally recommend you to try out Kdan’s PDF Reader - Document Expert. It not only enables you to view files but provides several editing tools. You can view multiple files as tabs, markup text, edit PDF pages, compress PDFs, encrypt files, and etc. So I think this is the best PDF Reader for OSX.Additionally, this application supports multiple platforms, so you can easily work across Apple (iOS & Mac), Android, or Win 10 devices.Disclaimer: I work for Kdan Mobile and therefore might be slightly biased.
What is best free software for converting HTML files to a PDF file?
Depending on your usage, you can choose one of those options:A local software like Adobe Acrobat, PrinceAn online service that accepts an HTML file or URL, and returns a PDFThe “Print to PDF” in your browserFor developers:A library for any programming language, if you are on that roadAn online APII work at PDFShift, an online API that accepts an URL or raw HTML data as input, and returns a PDF as output. You can implement it in your application to automate and speed things up.Hope that helps!