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Hey everybody this is roberto blake of geeking out with you today about the new Adobe filling sign mobile app now Adobe filling sign for those of you who are not familiar is an app that's on iOS for filling out and signing forms so you can do that on your mobile device here instead of having to print it out and get your contracts out that way so for those of you in design or in business that are looking for a very interesting way you can now take payments with your iPad what if you could go ahead and just have all your paperwork and stuff done for a model release for a design contract for a web development contract just have it all done right there on the iPad in real time and send it out to everybody and also have it saved in the cloud wouldn't that be tremendous well guess what we have that ability now with fill inside and this is part of the Adobe Acrobat DC thing they're tied together I'm going to do a whole separate video on Adobe DC for Acrobat which is digital cloud are their new effort and I really like this I need to get all of my contracts and all my releases built out in this so that um you know I can do this just more efficiently and effectively when I'm on the go especially when I'm doing photo shoots and video shoots I need a model release a talent release or location release this is just gonna make life easier there is an app that I was looking at for that before shake many of you might be familiar with it I'll probably do a review about that as well but I think that this is going to replace shake for me just because of the ability for me to make my own customized contract templates with the stuff that goes with my visual branding of my business cards and my you know stuff so that all looks uniform and I think that this is the direction that I'm gonna go with that I think that this is the new answer for me and for a lot of people going forward and I like the simplicity I like the fact that you can just you know tap on this and that if you don't have a signature stored you can just go ahead and you can create a signature you know just like that and it's good to go I mean really how cool is that to just be able to do something like that so I think that this is game-changing I think that this is the way that many of us will be working going forward and I think it's just going to be a much more mobile world I think that this is a very cool app and I think Adobe did a great job with it and that's the

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Deborah W.
Deborah W.
I corrected a mistake in my form and replaced it with the right information. It took a few minutes only! Thanks a lot!
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James S.
The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
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William G.
It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
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Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


If my psychologist emails me assessments do I need to print them out to be able to fill them out?
It wholly depends upon a) what your psychologist is sending to you in email, and b) whether your laptop has software that can open/edit the document in a).If they sent PDFs (Adobe Portable Document Format documents), you may simply need Acrobat Reader to open and print PDFs. If they sent “fillable forms” (ask them or have a geek friend examine the email content), it should be a breeze to fill the forms and save them to attach and return by email. Otherwise you will probably need to print and use fax or snail mail to return them.If they sent assessments in another format like MS Word, there is an appropriate way to handle those, or whatever format sent to you. Ask your shrink first!
How do I write or sign on a PDF file from an Android phone?
I used to do it using my Samsung Galaxy Note 5, courtesy of its S-pen. Now I have bought OnePlus 6 and I have used Adobe Fill & Sign app but its not that convenient and signatures are not of great quality. So is there any way to do it in some other way??
What's the best way to self publish an e-book on social media, business, & self help?
I’ve been through the process of self-publishing on Kindle and learnt a few things. Now, I can share my tips, so you don’t make the same mistakes!I’m a commercially published author now, but I understand the frustrations of trying to break into conventional publishing, because it took me ten years to get my big break. Before I got my publishing deal, I self-published a short story called Veronika, using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) with modest success – it has been in the Amazon top 50. Self publishing does have the advantage of getting your work out there, which can lead to attracting attention and sales.Why Self Publish on Kindle?Amazon’s two main competitors, Apple and Barnes & Noble, both claim to have gained a 20+% market share of the eBook market, leaving Amazon with something like 60%. But surveys of self-published authors have shown that Amazon’s share of self-published eBook sales is much higher – more like 80-85%.Whether the true figure is 60% or as high as 85%, Amazon is the biggest market by a long way, and KDP makes the process of self publishing on Kindle relatively easy.Self publish on Kindle: Step 1 – Your BookFirst you’ll need to sign up for KDP.Then you start by clicking  Add a Title. The important options to fill in are:Book nameDescription (up to 4,000 characters – use it to sell your book to the reader)Book contributors (you as the author)Categories (whichever genres you are writing in)Search keywords (up to 7, add the themes of the novel, don’t duplicate the categories)These other items can just be left blank/default: Subtitle, Series, Edition Number, Publisher, Language,Publication Date, ISBN.Verify Your Publishing RightsAs you are self-publishing your own work, and so you have copyright, select This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights.Convert your book to Kindle formatKDP accepts three main formats:Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)Ebook Formats (Html, Mobi, Epub)Adobe PDFIt is possible to send Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents direct to KDP, but the formatting is far from ideal if you do.If you want a really professional looking book then you should convert your book to Kindle’s HTML format yourself before uploading. I found the easiest solution was to convert the formatted manuscript into Kindle specific html. How to do this will be the subject of a separate answer.But, as we’re doing things the easy way for now, I suggest you just upload the manuscript and let Amazon reformat it for Kindle.Use Kindle PreviewerIf you have created an HTML format file then you can use Kindle Previewer, a downloadable Kindle emulator, to check  how your book will look on various types of Kindle . What I found was that without careful tweaking, my book looked good on one type of Kindle but not on others. Kindle Previewer allows you to quickly switch between Kindle versions and see how the book will look on each type.Upload Your Book FileOnce you’re happy with the format, you can upload the file to KDP. The only option is Digital Rights Management. This is your choice. Choose Enable if you want to make it harder for people to copy your book, or Do Not Enable if you prefer to make your book available without restrictions.After you’ve uploaded, there’s an online previewer to check the text still looks right.Self publish on Kindle: Step 2 – Cover PhotoThere are two options, design your own cover or use the template-based Cover Creator. I recommend designing your own cover. The book cover is critical to attracting readers and a template based design is less likely to stand out from the crowd. The picture at the top shows what the cover I designed for Veronika looks like on the Kindle.Designing your own cover doesn’t have to be difficult. At the simplest, it’s just a question of finding a photo, making it the right size and adding the book’s title and your name to it.Find a Cover PhotoThere are two options: use an original photo or artwork of your own or download one from an image library. The cheapest and easiest option is to use your own photo.Make the Cover Photo the Right Size and Add the TitleYou’ll need some image editing software to make the cover the right size and to add the title and your name as the author. The free and easy to use image editing programs I recommend are iPiccy and Pixlr.Use the image editor to crop the photo so it is 1,563 x 2,500 pixels, as in the diagram below:The cover should also be in colour, despite the fact the most common Kindles only display black and white. This is because the Kindle Fire and the Kindle app on iPhone, Windows etc. can display colour.Both iPiccy and Pixlr have a variety of free to use fonts.  Experiment with a few different ones until you find one you like.Upload the CoverThis is simply a matter of clicking Browse for Image… selecting the cover you’ve designed and then clicking Upload Image.Design a cover using the Cover CreatorAlternatively, if you just want a simple cover, use the Cover Creator.Step 3 – Rights and PricingVerify Your Publishing TerritoriesSelect  Worldwide rights – all territories. Your book will then appear on all the different Amazon sites around the world.Choose Your RoyaltyI suggest you set your price so that you receive the 70% Royalty – which means a minimum of $2.99 / £1.49  after that it’s up to you.You can set prices worldwide automatically, based on the US price, or customise your prices for different territories. It might be worth setting prices manually to exploit psychological price points like £1.99.Self publish on Kindle: Final Step – Publish!Now just click Save and Publish.That’s it. In a couple of hours your book will be on all the Amazon stores around the world.See – I told you it was easy! More DetailsThere are more details, including links to all the tools mentioned, on my website at How to Self Publish on Kindle in Three Easy Steps
I want to create a web app that enables users to sign up/in, fill out a form, and then fax it to a fax machine. How to difficult is this to develop?
Are you sending yourself the fax or are they able to send the fax anywhere?  The latter has already been done numerous times.  There are email to fax and fax to email applications that have been available for decades.  I'm pretty certain that converting email to fax into app or form submission to fax is pretty trivial. They convert faxes to PDF's in many of these apps IIRC so anywhere you could view a PDF you could get a fax.
How do I know the email id used to sign in to Adobe CS cloud and other Adobe softwares?
Unless you have entered other indo, email that will be used on Adobe CC will be the one you used to register your product. unless you changed email address, chance is you still have old email lying around somewhere.If you are new to Adobe Product and CC is first product you have ever used,Contact Customer CareI would just contact customer care, so you could find out what it was with your product registration situation especially if you have used several different email address on registration.Because CC subscription is tied to your financial info, there are good chance you can recover your ID and password thru contacting customer support.
How can I pre-fill the email address of the user on an Android app when they are signing up?
There are several methods. Let me name one here.Using the AccountManagerPattern emailPattern = Patterns.EMAIL_ADDRESS, // API level 8+Account[] accounts = AccountManager.get(context).getAccounts(), for (Account account : accounts) {     if (emailPattern.matcher( {         String possibleEmail =,         ...     } }The other methods are listed here at How to get the Android device's primary e-mail address
As a real estate professional I need a software other than Adobe to easily fill in text, sign and send contracts. So which?
If you are looking for software that will allow you to complete details in contracts and request signatures from clients (even multiple parties) try FileInvite - File Requests, Document Collection on Autopilot!It’s a great way to manage the flow of documents and access to property files (titles, building inspections, LIM, HOA details etc) .We help thousands of companies and individuals to manage the collection of sensitive documents through our cloud based platform. You can choose to store them on Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive or your own preferred storage platform.
For someone new to vector art and Adobe Suite, what is the best way to learn Adobe Illustrator?
First things first… the “ring-a-round” exercise. Think of the tools in IL as tools in a garage. Each one is unique, and each one has a specific purpose.I like to call this “hammering nails with a screwdriver”. You can do it, you might even get an interesting result… it just isn't efficient.We’ll go back to that, right now just get comfortable. Start opening, saving, and exporting. Learn the file types, what they are, what they do, when do you use them?These functions are used in every project, regardless. Learn the hotkeys straight off, especially for these operations (then for any tool you use more than once per project). The selection and hand tools come to mind.When you catch your eyes or mouse pointer wandering to the file menu to save your progress, give em a mental slap and hit ctrl+S without looking at the keyboard (like a pro).Learn shortcuts on the keyboard. If possible, you should change them to something that makes you feel comfortable and organized.Freddie Wong (filmmaker YouTube superstar) says this about Adobe Premier and he’s right!Just replace whatever he says about Premiere with Illustrator or Photoshop. It is more difficult to custom bind keys in PS CC, I haven't tried it in Illustrator.But…Just “knowing” hotkeys makes your working time that much more productive. Less time looking at menus is more time looking at your awesome project.Organize!There is nothing worse than going to import that sweet graphic and it is somewhere on your BFE drive and not your project folder.For that matter, start making project folders. Make photo folders, graphics folders, folders for concept and reference art. Again, the less time spent looking for stuff, etc.Onto Illustrator.If you haven't made your own work, even just a scribbled line, start doing it. Tutorials are great for building on fundamentals, but first you need to establish some good habits.That's what the ring-a-round assignment does. It is a classic exercise, usually the first one you’ll get from a SCAD professor.Pick a tool (use the hotkey) and do something with it. Now do the same thing using every different available setting. Export each file, organized by what tool you used and make a note of the settings.Spend some time every day working with the pen tool for example. Use every option you can find for the pen tool and just make shapes or whatever it is one uses that tool for.Remember, the first thing you need to work on is your comfort. Your art will naturally come after. So don't use tools at first with an idea of accomplishing any more than seeing what that tool does.Save everything.These files will be used later when you get to filters and manipulations. Again, apply the same filter to the same shape over and over until you see everything it can do.Don't try to get this done over a weekend. Illustrator is a complicated animal, and most people need months to grasp the basics.Don't get discouraged!You won’t be making cutting edge front end web designs, but you’ll be learning. Every time you use the program you’ll be learning new things. Don't be afraid of changing settings or clicking stuff to see what it does.Don't make mistakes, make experiments. The only important thing to focus on in this learning phase is “what did I do to make the program do that”.Make sure you can reproduce your work. It's the best way to secure these concepts in your mind without flash cards or something equally boring.It may sound like I’m just telling you to get in there and start using the program, and you’d be right. But explore with purpose. If anything, your first designs will be a great example of how much better you’re getting.Once you feel comfortable with the basic tools. In this case the “basic” tools are going to be the ones you see first off, or maybe one menu deep. Generally, the more menus you click on, the more complex the tool or technique.Work on the single menu stuff for a while. I promise it will help as you start to get more complex with layers, layer groups, all of that expert stuff. More confidence makes for better work, every time.When you’re comfortable and confident in the daily environment of just looking around and not getting lost in Illustrator, then you might be ready for some of the excellent tutorials already posted by others.Learning from books and tutorials is a great way to engage yourself in the material, but can quickly become tedious if they start to cover material you aren't comfortable with.Have fun, and don't stop making things. What do you make? Doesn't matter really, just see what you can do and keep doing more with it.
Is there a way to switch between fill and stroke in Adobe Illustrator using keyboard shortcuts?
Tapping the X key will shift the active focus — if you're making changes to your fill, then want to change the stroke without touching the color chips, tap X.If you want to swap the full color for the stroke color then hit Shift-X, as the others have said.These short cuts also work in InDesign, and Photoshop (for fore- and background colors).