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Yeah sure so as I'm going over this ladies and gentlemen again what I'm trying to do is create a tape of values for y equals x squared plus one between the values of negative three is less than or equal to X which is less than or equal to three so all I'm simply doing is taking my input values so I can see my X values are going between here and here and then all I want to do is just find the Y values so to do that I'm simply gonna take each of my X values and plug them into my equation and I'll do just the first couple for you and then when you guys are doing this on your own you can do this in a quicker manner but negative three squared is positive nine nine plus one is ten all right and then you just do then you just move on to the next one negative two squared plus negative two squared is four plus one is five yes no it was given in the problem I want you to choose value the values asked me between negative three and three then you just continue on however guys you know you don't need to show you're working for all of these because once we get through this I say negative one I can just put negative one squared is positive 1 plus 1 is 2 0 squared is 0 plus 1 is 1 1 squared is 1 plus 1 is 2 and hopefully you guys can see the pattern you guys can finish it up ok so that is what one group is going to be doing or one station

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How do I create forms for MySQL database? I have created a small database in Access and I’m planning to move to MySQL, but I am able to create only tables so far. How do I create forms for users to fill out the tables?
You can't directly. MySQL is the data engine, and has no user interface capabilities.To do this, you must write an application of some kind.You might write a desktop windows app using C# and its UI framework. Or maybe a Java desktop app using JavaFX for the UI and JDBC to connect to MySQLYou might write a web application, and then have a browser based interface.Whatever you do, what gets sent to MySQL will be SQL commands.It's more difficult than access for sure. And you have to consider the effects of multiple users editing the same data at the same time.
What statistical tools can I use to order genes partially in a microarray data analysis project? Help needed in filling out a comparison table.
Try searching the google for " Cluster analysis for genomic studies " That should help you. Cluster analysis/ Factor analysis/ Principal component analysis are mostly used for dimensional reduction in the datasets. You can try using that.
Can I legally cash a signed money order that I found if it hasn't been reported lost or stolen? I was given a coffee table a while back and when I went to clean it, I found a postal money order filled out and signed from two years ago.
The financial instrument in question was (or should have been) made out to a specific person. If you don’t have any identification indicating that you ARE that person, then it’s unlikely the bank will let you cash it. And attempting to do so is technically financial fraud, since by presenting it, you’re suggesting that you ARE that person (which you clearly aren’t) for the sake of financial gain.
What are the best ways to improve one's Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation (LR & DI) sections?
Having screwed up CAT 2013 due to LR-DI, and then coming back to score well in CAT 2014 (with LR being my game changer, as I solved all the 4 LR sets in a slot where most of the others could hardly solve 2), I would like to add my 2 cents on how to improve your LR-DI section. 1. Solve Previous CAT papersFirst things first, as Sachin Navtosh Jha has already pointed out, the best source of question sets for LR and DI for CAT are the previous years' CAT papers. I know it's a cliche and a lot of others also would have told you this already, believe me it is the single most important thing that any serious CAT aspirant MUST do religiously! CAT papers would not only familiarize you with the kind of questions and the difficulty level you can expect in the actual paper, it is also an excellent question bank with large number of good questions. You can get the previous CAT papers Either online for free, which most people prefer (Here is the link: CAT Previous Question Papers with solution 20 Years free download pdf)Or buy a book like this one - 'Previous Years Solved CAT papers' by Arun Sharma (Here is the link: Buy CAT Topic-Wise Solved Papers (With CD) (English) by Disha Experts Online at Best Prices in India - Now, although you will have to spend money on this, I personally preferred this one because it allowed me to have all the questions compiled topic-wise, so that whenever I wanted to work on a particular area, I would solve the questions from that area itself, rather that searching from the complete set of previous CAT papers. Remember, the book is not just for LR-DI. It is for all the sections (Especially useful for QA and VA, not RCs since the RCs of yesteryear papers were too long)2. Analyse Having solved decent number of question sets from previous CAT papers as well as the mock tests that you give, you would realize where you lack. I have generally seen:DI can be solved, but it sometimes takes too much timeLR can sometimes take too much time, or you just don't get the logic at allI suggest you make categories of problem types in each of these sections and then identify which ones you are comfortable with and which ones you not so much. This way you will know which are the ones you need to work more on.Examples of categories can be:LR: Cubes, Rankings, Arrangements (Linear/Circular), Table based LR sets, Games, SET theory based etc.DI:Line and bar charts, Pie charts, Tables based etc.3. ImproveDI: To improve your speed, you have to be firstly quick at calculations. Try and do calculations mentally as much as possible. 1. Learn:Squares at least till 30Cubes at least till 20Sq. roots till 10Fractions to percentage conversionsThese will help you greatly speed up your calculations and save you a lot of time.  2. Try options or do approximate calculations where it works. Remember, you just have to tick the right answer. CAT is not a subjective exam. 3. Choose your question set wisely: For further elaboration on this, please read: Vibhor Dhote's answer to How should I prepare for DI for the CAT 2015 to ace the section, given I have a phobia of DI?LR: Here the trick is to familiarize yourself to as many different types as possible.1. Make a note of different models of problems: In the above-mentioned categories of LR sets, note down the different models of problems that you come across during the course of your preparation in a separate book. Also note the trick to solve those questions such that you can revise it later. Use stickies, if needed. My book used to look something like this:Sorry for the poor image quality.2. Revise the book: Revise the book from time to time, preferably before each mock test you take. That way you will be able to recall if you come across a similar question in the mock test and hopefully, solve it quickly. In fact, I had made a similar book for Quant as well, where I noted good questions that I came across during my preparation topic-wise. It really helps if you revise it regularly!4. PRACTICEI know it's a cliche but it is more important than anything else. It doesn't mean you just practice anything and everything. Work on your identified weak question types to be comfortable with them, and practice questions you can solve to improve your speed further. For example: My weak area initially was cubes and truth-liar type questions. I worked on it and by the time I gave my CAT, I could solve them accurately and fairly quickly too.It may be difficult to work on question types that you are weak on. At times, you will find boring to solve them. But the more you work on them, the better you will get.Remember:"Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong." - UnknownAll the best!
Do you think that the US still says "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses"?
The US welcomes everyone, and 750,000 people become US citizens each year. Since ww2 we have also accepted more that 2 million refugees. All we ask is that people come to our front door, fill out the forms, agree to follow or laws, and surrender allegiance to their native country.Unfortunately, the immigrants that you hear about in the media have refused to do any of those things. Instead, they enter illegally, often by dark of night, by climbing over an unguarded fence and disappearing into our country. Once here, they make demands upon our systems ( schools, hospitals, welfare, food stamps, community services etc ) fly the flag of their home nation, work under the table, and send their money out of the country- rather than paying taxes on it, paying or insurances and contributing to the country in which they live.These people are criminals. Let me quickly add that not all immigrants are criminals, to say that would be wrong. It would be just as wrong to turn our heads and ignore those tens of thousands who are here illegally, and who are continuing to commit crimes, abuse the systems, and who make no attempt to become citizens.America says: Come. Join us. Contribute. Grow with us. We DO NOT say: Sneak in, Steal from our children, live for Free, Give nothing in return, and scream obscenities at us.Many Democrats seem to confuse the two.
What else is Pa the measurement of, as pressure has come out twice in a table that I have to fill in.
Ps means Pascals, and it is the unit of pressure.It is only the unit of pressure.If it comes out twice in the table you have to fill out then there are two different pressures you need to fill out in the table. Your question suggests you do not understand the table — if you think you do: you are mistaken.You need to go back and make sure you understand what the table is for, and why you have to fill it out.It is not unusual that a table would have several columns requiring the same units. An example would be if one column is the gauge pressure and the other one is the pressure absolute (gauge pressure added to atmospheric pressure).But it’s your table: you have to use context to work out what to do.
What is the most bizarre job interview you have ever been party to?
Undoubtedly , the toughest job interview I have faced ! Presence of mind , well you decide .SSC Interview : (SSC conducted interviews till 2015)Panel : 3 members ( All males ) C : Chairman M 1 : Psychologist M 2 : Domain ExpertInitially , they asked me many questions based on general knowledge ( both static & current affairs. I was not confident in many & some answers went really bad ! The chairman was grilling me as if I was sitting there for his daughter’s hand :-PC : I am done , M2 do you want to ask something ?M2 : Yeah sure , Sandeep , you know what ? We have a common love for puzzles as you said it’s your hobby. Chairman sir has asked you plenty of things , so I want to test you on your puzzle skills. I promise if you solve these 2 puzzles, you will get max marks from me atleast !( Backstory : In my introduction , I mentioned about sudoku,puzzles, rubik’s cubeas my hobby. I just hoped he asks me some easy questions )M2 writes something on a piece of paper and gives it to me .It’s written——————-SGEGGSEGGGSESGGE—————M2 : Can you tell me what’s this ?I : Sir, can I take a minute ?(I am just staring at it . Should I convert these into numbers ? Is the number of vowels important ? Is this an anagram for something ? No, nothing !)After 15–20 secondsM2 : While you are solving this Sandeep, Can you tell me if you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian ?I ( Wtf ! ) : Sir, I like non-veg .M2 : Then this puzzle is easier .(What ? Why would he say this ? )And then the picture became clear ! Shit , it was in front of me all the time !——————-| SGEG | GSEG | GGSE | SGGE |———————————-| EGGS | EGGS | EGGS | EGGS |—————I : Sir , Scrambled Eggs ! :-DM2 : Good ! This one was just an exercise to make your brain ready for the next one.Again drawing something on paper :In my mind , I was like “ what script is this ? “M2 : Sandeep , what do you think should be the next figure ?After 2 minutes of too much thinking I was like , We have english alphabet M , A heart , a number & a hindi letter in the same series. What on this earth is this ?M2 : Any leads ?I : No sir , trying though .M2 : Do you like Madhuri Dixit ? Isn’t she beautiful ?I ( fu*k, he is giving me clues again ! , catch it ) : Yes sir , she is !(Then I thought yes , maybe the first M stands for Madhuri , the heart stands for his love but what after that & then a sudden blow !)Omg ! It’s so in front of me !!! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Madhuri ?So, I started forcing my attention and could see something like this :These are just numbers written adjacent to their mirror images . Hence , the hint ( ek do teen chaar …. song of Madhuri )I : Sir , Inverted triangle ( Seven & it’s mirror image )C : Good , Sandeep ! I think we are done . All the best !M2 : I work for CBI , hope to meet you . :-)I : Thank you sir ! Would love to join you.Parting thoughts : Whenever I travel with my friends , I frustrate them by giving these puzzles and no hints ! (Even claim, I solved them in seconds , sorry buddies :P )Hope you enjoyed . Thanks !