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Is this sentence right"All I need to do is complete the form"? (I don't know whether the "complete" is right.why don't we use "to complete"?
The simplest explanation without having to use grammar is that you’ve already got the “to do” in the front so the second “to” (in “to complete”) will be interpreted into the overall meaning and therefore unneeded or optional.All we need to do is love others.All we need in life is to love others.All the government has to do is legislate better laws.All the government needs is to legislate better laws.The thing to do now is earn more money and save up.The thing now is to earn more money and save up.It’s basically conservation of language — in short, keep it short.(Smiles) This is one of those things in phraseology (‘to’ vs. no ‘to’) sounds right whichever way when coming from the lips of a native English speaker — yet sounds wrong from a non-native. It’s just one of those annoying (or funny) things about the insanity of English.In short, the second ‘to’ is pragmatically optional — tends to be left out by native English speakers.Thanks for the A2A.
As stars closer to the center of the Galaxy travel less distance than the others (and then completing the orbit faster), how is it the Milky Way has a spiral form? Shouldn't the form disappear over time?
Stars at the outer arms of the Milky Way move at similar speeds as the ones located within the centre of the galaxy.In theory, yes, the difference in relative velocities of stars moving slower than the ones at the centre should suggest that over time stars at the edge would deviate away from the centre, causing the galaxy to slowly lose its shape is the space between star systems increases.In reality, Gravity and Dark matter are two entities that hold together all matter in the galaxy, as well as cause all stars within the system to move at similar speed. Much more is known about gravity with relation to this, than Dark matter.Hope this helps.
What will I do after completing the Form No. 6 on NVSP for a new voter?
As per portal rule..Your application will not be accepted if you applying 20 or less days before your area’s Last day of ELECTION Nommination ,if you applied before 20 days then wait for next Election list coming out..You can track your application on portalOrYou can use VoterHelpline app by Election Commission of India.Orcontact Your BLO..Sources:-NVSP Service PortalElection Commission of IndiaVoter Information
Some job applications have an Equality and Diversity monitoring Form at the end which is optional to fill in. What are the pros and cons of completing the form?
Gathering this information helps the government track data with regards to hiring. So it is important for them to know what groups of people are applying, how many of them are landing interviews, and the portion who are being offered the jobs. So the data gathered from this is very helpful and important for seeing if employers are playing by the rules when it comes to their hiring activities. So this is the upside.The other benefit is an employer looking at this information and choosing you because you fall under a certain group for which they’re not very diverse. Thus, you help them meet the government’s wanting more diversity in the workplace. So it can help them lean more towards you.On the downside, you’re telling the employer what you are in terms of your ethnicity, gender, etc. And there is always the potential that an employer will look at this and use it to discriminate against you.FYI, most employers out there will not hold any of this information you provide against you! So in general, it’s really not that big a deal from the job seeker’s end. But if you choose not to provide that information, fine! So do not feel pressured into revealing anything you’re not comfortable with. But do realize that this data gathered is helpful when it comes to knowing about and improving workplace diversity. So you make your own decision here.
I require a form with custom fields for the registration (after completing the form an email would be send on with filled data) on a Magento website. What are some good extensions in economical prices?
If you are looking for an extension which lets you add custom fields to a registration form, then you should check out Magento Custom Registration Field. This extension lets the admin create custom fields for the customers.Types of Inputs supportedThis extension supports all the input types including dropdown, text, text area, multiple select, radio buttons, sort order, dependable fields etc.Show in Sales EmailThe custom registration fields entered by the customer will also be visible in the sales email if show in sales email has been enabled by the admin.The Custom registration fields entered by the customer will also be visible on sale’s order and invoice.In Magento Custom Registration Fields, the admin can also add a customer. After adding a customer, he can also add the custom registration fields for the particular customer. The terms & conditions and privacy and cookie policy can also be entered by the admin with a customizable view on the registration page. Admin can also set validation types for all the custom registration fields.For a better understanding, you can check the Live Demo and User Guide.For any queries or customization needs, please contact
I need instructions on how to complete the form to create a blog. What can I type for an URL?
Are you creating a blog on a blogging platform, like Create a free website or blog, or is it your own website on the domain you manage? The url for the blog can be anything, for example, the free subdomain on wordpress(.)com may be
If I'm filling a sponsorship form for a friend to visit in the US, do I need his information to complete the form, and how long does it take to be approved?
Tourist/visitor visas to the US aren’t sponsored. I’m not sure what form you are referring to, but I suspect it’s an affidavit of support. Those are for IMMIGRANT visas only. Filling one out for a friend who is visiting is not only not required, but inappropriate.Your friend will need to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent on his own.
I have a questionnaire form in WordPress, where can I find out how long it took for each person to complete the form?
Since you used the past tense I’m going to assume you have already conducted the survey and all the results are in.Unless you recorded enough information to extract the amount of time each form took, you can’t do it. If you did have google analytics running, there might be information in there, but I wouldn’t count on it being perfect, or complete.If you had a script running on the page which started a timer (or simply noted the time when the page loaded) and then sent the time on the page along with the form submission, and you built the ability to store that field in the form data in Wordpress, then you will already have it.If you want to find out after the fact and you didn’t record the information, you are out of luck.