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What is the difference between fill in and fill out?
There are a large number of answers in this similar question which I have also answered.Mark Jones's answer to Which one is correct, "fill in a form" or "fill out a form"?
What is the difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality for the purposes of filling out forms that ask demographic questions?
I’m sure someone already wrote the answer, but here it goes:Nationality = the country from where you are from regardless of race/ethnicity.Ethnicity = usually inherited, people from the same ancestry sharing the same culture, traditions, language, rituals, etc…Race = a social construct that states humans that share the same physical qualities (these qualities may differ)Example One: Both Celia Cruz and Desi Arnaz were Cuban entertainers. They shared the same nationality (both were from Cuba) yet were different races as Celia was a black woman and Desi a mestizo? (mixed Spaniard with indigenous ancestry?). It is possible that Celia had Spanish ancestry although her physical appearance had dark skin and it is possible that Desi had a tiny bit of African ancestry (only he knows and DNA tests weren’t available then).Example Two: Two Hypothetical Nigerians.Two men are both Nigerians (same nationality), but are from different ethnic groups (one is Yoruba, the other is Ibo), they are both of the black race (not using an example of a mixed-race Nigerian).Example Two Hypothetical African-AmericansA man and a woman are born in the USA and they are the fifth generation. They are both American (nationality), they are both black (race), and they are of varying ethnic groups (took DNA tests) of all the Africans who were transported during the Atlantic Slave Trade including the European slave holders who produced children with their slaves.
I’m a grade 12 student filling out my SAT subject test form. I plan to study engineering, should I take math 1 or math 2? What’s the difference between them, and why?
To be honest scoring higher on Math II does look better especially if you’re going to Engineering. Math I covers basic topics that all highschools usually teach.Math II also covers topics that usually all highschools teach, however they are topics that not ALL students really get taught (precalc). Especially since SATs are taken around late soph to early senior year, even if you end up taking pre calculus during senior year, it won’t help as much.
Is there any difference between an A level score from Cambridge International Examination and Edexcel when filling out applications for universities?
No. As Gill Bullen says, you enter both the exam board and the grade when applying. The universities don’t regard any particular A levels as being easier or harder than others (the exam boards go to great effort to make sure that’s true).The reason you need to put the exam board on the form is that UCAS can verify your A level grades with the exam board directly (providing you tell them which one it is) so your offer can be processed without you having to provide original certificates.Other qualifications, like IELTS, cannot be verified by the universities or UCAS directly so you will have to provide the certificates at some point during the application process. (Usually after you have accepted an offer,)
What is the difference between the Trumps Muslim registry and Muslim people filling out the Census?
When Trump was running for office he made various confusing and contradictory statements about some sort of database of Muslims. Politifact analyzed Trump’s statements.[1] Suffice it to say that nobody knows what Trump really had in mind. If he truly wants a national database of Muslims, that would be highly disturbing, reminiscent of the Nazi’s registering Jews. Congress would never approve such a thing, and it would probably be unconstitutional to compel anyone to answer such a question.The US Census does not collect information on an individual’s religious affiliation, there is a law against it, PL 94–521.[2]Footnotes[1] In Context: Donald Trump's comments on a database of American Muslims[2] https://ask.census.gov/prweb/PRS...
What are some useful computer-related technical skills I can learn within a day?
Registry Hack to Disable Writing to USB Drives. (Don't you want others copying your confidential data from your computer? You are in a right place. Go ahead...)Go to Start-Run-type regedit & press Enter.Go to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePoliciesOn the Right side panel, Double click the WriteProtect. Change the value data from 0 to 1.Click ok. Hurray... Nobody can copy any file from your computer to any USB that connected to your computer. The following window will appear if they trying to copy,P.S: If you want to reverse the operation, Follow the above-mentioned steps and finally just replace the value from 1 to 0.If you couldn't find StorageDevicePolicy key, Step 1: Go to the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ControlStep 2: Right Click at Control key. Create a new key & rename it as StorageDevicePolicies.Step 3: Now click the StorageDevicePolicies key. On the empty Right side panel Right Click-New-DWORD 32-bit value & Enter.Step Update 1: Click below to know about choosing subtitles automatically in vlc media player.Vasanth Prabakar's answer to What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?Update 2: If you want to watch your favorite TV series with subtitles, but don't want to wait until the whole series to be downloaded. Just download the subtitles for the TV series that you want to watch. And finally you can stream those episodes by adding youtube link of the TV series to vlc media player.Enjoy watching by add subtitles for the episodes.
When filling out form I-864 for a Fiance(e) Visa, what is the difference between doing (1) co-sponsorship and (2) including a house member in co-payment of the minimum financial requirement (i.e., attaching the form I-864a to I-864)?
You don't do I-864 for a fiance visa. You do an I-134.
What is the difference between company ownership (filled out when registering a company) vs. equity share splits? Can they be assigned at different quantities? Is it easy to increase/decrease the quantities afterward?
A company can generally issue new shares whenever it wants, subject to the discretion of management.For example, you form a corporation with 4 Class A shares, the board could later decide to issue another 100 of them, or issue 10 Class B shares.